By: Brian Evans

Since President Trump took office in 2016, numerous Democrats have claimed that they would be open to funding a border wall along America’s southern border, in exchange for DACA amnesty including…

“If you had a wall that provided security that wasn’t an absolute waste of money — meaning national security and the technical means to protect it, and all these kids had a path to citizenship — I’d be inclined to do that.”

“We have offered [wall funding] in the past. I think that would be something we certainly could negotiate.”

“I know that there’s an environment now for something big to happen” on DACA,” regarding the wall.

Already, President Trump has offered concessions in closed-door negotiations after Christmas, but Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer quickly rejected the offer.

Now, as the President continues to try and find an agreement, and as the partial shutdown of the government reaches a month long, President Trump spent the last few weeks meeting with various Democrats asking what they would need to see, in order to sign on to border security. The Democrats asked for…

  • $800 million in humanitarian aid
  • that 800,000 DACA recipients would get 3 years of protections, but no voting rights.

The President and Republicans have asked for…

  • 5.7 Million for border barriers
  • Border protection equiptment including drug detection equiptment
  • and More immigration judges to help alleviate thebacklog of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

After meeting with the Democrats, the President and his team formulated a compromise plan that would implement the requests of the Democrats, and the border security, including a wall, that the President promised the voters that would be designed to secure the border, stem drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal immigration, gang saturation of our cities, and stop crime that could have been controlled with common sense border security!

Therefore, on Saturday, President Donald Trump announced his proposed compromise plan to reopen the government and get funding for his promised border wall. The President offered the $800 million for humanitarian aid for the migrants, and a three-year extension of work permits for 700,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients and 300,000 Temporary Protected Status immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion equalling 230 miles of physical barriers (and/or) a wall on the Southern border. The President added…

“This is not a 2000 mile concrete structure from sea-to-sea. These are steel barriers in high priority locations. It will be done quickly.”

He pointed out that some areas of terrain wouldn’t need a wall due to natural barriers including water and ravines, but he pointed out the need for a wall or physical barriers along other areas of the southern border. He also said that the deal would include $805 million in port and border screening security, 2,000 new border agents, and 75 new immigration judge teams to handle cases at the border.

The President also highlighted the importance of border security for the safety of immigrants who are incentivized to try to migrate to the United States through dangerous terrain and using criminals, like coyotes and cartels, to help them reach and penetrate the US border. He highlighted the dangers for the young girls who are taken on the dangerous trek, as their mothers and fathers give them birth control as a safety precaution, due to more than half being raped along the journey. Therefore, the President also proposed asylum guidelines to help children claim asylum in their home countries, which is a modification of the Obama-Administration program.

In addition, in order to streamline the hundreds of thousands of backlogged immigrants who crossed into the United States, the President has proposed a change to current law that resembles most nations throughout the world to eliminate automatic court hearings for immigrants who come to the US from other nations, which would more readily speed deportations. In other words, if they are ineligible for asylum, the United States wouldn’t have to send them through months legal proceedings, and many times release into the United States because the government is out of room to house them. President Trump coupled his offer with major border improvements that include extra money for surveillance, drug detection equipment for ports of entry, and more immigration judges. Anti-illegal immigration proponents were disappointed that he didn’t include in the proposal an end to the current catch-and-release rules, but the President has suggested that those reforms be postponed to another series of negotiations.

President Trump announced his plan as a way to “break the logjam” through compromise with the Democrats. Speaking about the logjam, he said that this plan is…

“straightforward, fair, reasonable, and common sense with lots of compromise. I want this to end, it’s got to end now. These are not talking points, these are the heartbreaking realities.”

The President also pointed out how his plan to extend DACA protections for three more years would allow Congress more time to resolve the larger immigration crisis and negotiate even greater immigration reform.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has revealed that he is in support of the proposal, and will hold a Senate vote later in the week, where it is expected to be passed with bi-partisan support. Then, it will move to the House of Representatives, where Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has vowed to kill the bill, as she and her fellow Democrats rejected the deal, calling it a “non-starter,” and a method of “hostage taking.” In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent out a statement that openly rejects the President’s offer, even before he spoke, which occurred at 3:03pm ET. She said…

Nancy Pelosi


Democrats were hopeful that @realDonaldTrump was finally willing to re-open government & proceed with a much-needed discussion to protect the border. Unfortunately, reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of previously rejected initiatives. 

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The President had hoped that it would be just the beginning of a larger immigration reform bill, where he as well as a bi-partisan Congressional delegation would meet weekly to discuss and work out the details. Regardless, Pelosi and Schumer, as well as other top Democrats have indicated that they would engage in no such compromise deals.

Many were shocked that Democrats like Senator Dick Durbin so-quickly rejected the Presidents proposal, especially since half of the Presidents proposal was co-sponsored by Senator Durbin himself! In fact, on Saturday, Senate Minority Whip Durbin shot down the proposal, also even before the President offered the deal, as he said…

“I cannot support the proposed offer as reported, and I do not believe it can pass the Senate.”

Note the time of Durbin’s tweet, compared to the President’s 3:03pm ET statement…

Senator Dick Durbin


My response to reported White House offer to end President Trump’s government shutdown in exchange for the border wall and DACA:

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer also rejected the compromise, saying…

“offering some protections back in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking.”

Chuck Schumer


With his statement on the , it’s clear President @realDonaldTrump realizes that by closing the government and hurting so many American workers and their families, he has put himself and the country in an untenable position.

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Ironically, the president’s three-year extension of legal protections for DACA recipients and those in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is also a part of the Obama era Bridge Act, which  — concessions that mirror those proposed in December 2016 in the bipartisan Bridge Act, which was drafted to protect Dreamers, as Democrats were concerned that then President-elect Trump would follow through on his promise to tear up the Obama-era executive order that put DACA on the books in the first place. Still, Democrats reject any compromise.

Although the President didn’t offer permanent amnesty for one million DACA recipients, many of whom are now illegal alien adults legally residing in the United States, he did grant work-permit amnesty for three years, giving them time to work towards citizenship through legal means, if they so choose to do so. It was a move that angered some of his base, but the President is a negotiator, and he is trying to negotiate a compromise, even though the Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they will not compromise, and have nothing to offer the President or Republicans in return. In addition, President Trump did not ask for the reform of catch-and-release rules which has led to cartels and coyotes smuggling in illegals for millions in profit, and at the cost of the American people.

Some Anti-illegal immigration reformers have slammed the proposal as bad, as they say work-permit amnesty for a wall is a terrible idea. They attacked the proposal and said that…

“a quarter of wall funding — only $5.7 billion — is an even worse deal. This would be an absolute betrayal of the GOP base who voted Trump into office. Trump needs to listen to the base, not [White House aides] on this issue.”

However, did the President really expect Democrats to take the deal? After all, President Trump is an artful and skillful negotiator. The President works deals like a chess player plays chess! He studies his opponents until he knows his opponents’ next move before even they do! This weekend was no different, as he has now forced the Democrats to show their cards.  He has exposed their hypocrisy, as they claim that the President refuses to compromise, yet now he has publicly offered, and they have publicly declined. He has offered five major concessions, that top  Democrats said they would give in exchange for a wall. Furthermore, President Trump is only asking for 230 miles of wall funding, while giving a lot.

Some like NumbersUSA say that the Presidents proposed offer would hurt him in 2020 when they said…

“There’s one thing that will cause another crisis — another amnesty. This whole thing started with the DACA magnet. The notion that we’re about to solve the problem with more of what caused the problems in the first place is ridiculous. The offer the President announced today is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to his campaign promises.”

However, did the President give away another amnesty? Not really, he just gave DACA recipients three years to live and legally work in the United States, while having a chance to LEGALLY become an American citizen. THAT ISN’T PERMANENT AMNESTY! The illegals won’t have voting rights. Instead, they will simply have a grace period, while Congress continues to iron out the details. Ironically, the President has shown them that the Democrats are not even willing to give them that!

Ultimately, not only do Democrats want permanent amnesty for at least 11 million illegals, they want to block President Trump’s border reforms, including his border wall, and ensure a porous border. That way they can allow illegals to flood in by the tens of millions, swelling the welfare and food stamp rolls, and ultimately giving their Party a new voting block with massive blanket amnesty bills down the road. However, now President Trump is using his business strategy and skills to expose the Democrats for the hypocrites that they truly are. He is exposing the fallacies in their public statements. He is exposing the Progressive’s misrepresentations of his intentions and leadership. And, he is exposing the distortions and fabrications of the Mainstream Media.

In the end, the President’s latest of three compromise offers is yet another attempt to bring Democrats to the negotiating table to end the government shutdown, get 800,000 federal workers their paychecks, and work to resolve immigration, but nevertheless, Democrats have no interest in any compromise or deal. Democrats have refused to give anything up, they will only allow 1.3 billion in border security funding, and no barriers to protect America and Americans. Instead, Democrats remain to be the Party of the ‘Resistance’, as they hold hostage the federal purse, denying the 800k federal workers their pay, and leave our nations southern border unprotected with drugs, gangs, terrorists, and criminals pouring across the border. Therefore, although the President knows that the Democrats will deny any offer he lays out, the President is taking the case to the American people instead of closed-door off-camera meetings, so the American people no longer hear second hand, or through the biased Mainstream Media. Instead, they can hear details themselves, first hand! After all, it will be a move that plays out well, especially come 2020, when ‘We the People’ hit the ballot boxes to replace Congressional leadership in Washington, and drain the swamp!