By: Brian Evans

As we reported before, Gillette which is owned by Proctor and Gamble attacked men and demonized ‘masculinity’ as “toxic”!

Although Gillette isn’t the only Progressive company embracing the ‘war on men’, it won’t be the last! In fact, masculinity has been under attack on numerous fronts. Boys are treated as troubled or defective. In colleges and universities, boys are presumed guilty until proven innocent of rape charges, regardless of times when it has been proven that they were innocently accused. Furthermore, their guilt until proven innocence arises not from their own personal history, but the fact that they are male, and today, male masculinity is considered criminal! Also, from youth, boys are being medicated at astounding rates for ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder), as compared to their female counterparts, only because the boys are more energetic and rough-house more than the girls.

Today, Progressive activists demonize men’s masculinity, rather than the real source of violence, perversion, and men who have no clue what it truly means to be a man. Instead, the radical left-wing activists decry masculinity as the cause of ‘rape culture on college campuses, teaching boys and girls that feminism is good, and masculinity is bad and evil. Furthermore, it has caused an even larger divide for women, who are being taught that they cannot trust ANY MAN, simply because he is a man. They are teaching young girls that men are inherently evil, praying upon women, and unnecessary in life.

As a consequence of the gender divide, women and men are choosing to be single, engaging in out-of-wedlock fornication, rather than embracing each other as partners, as equals in life through marriage. The fornication has led to abortion becoming a norm, as more than 15% of children are being killed, rather than coming to term. The statistics skyrocket from there, as out-of-wedlock teens and young adults abort their babies at even higher rates.

The modern-day Progressive Feminist movement has become a socialist machine, that puts ideology over the needs of ‘men and women’, conveniently leaving out pertinent facts, in order to push their agenda of hate! Furthermore, they try to paint anyone who points out their inherent flaws and lack of logic as sexist, while demonizing them through their Progressive-controlled Mainstream Media! Meanwhile, the continue to promote their war on men and ‘masculinity’, through movies and television shows and even commercials like the one that Proctor and Gamble’s Gillette razors released, that portray men and dads as incompetent, sexist, hate-filled idiots! Unfortunately, it isn’t just the men who suffer, but women today are treated worse due to the Progressive ideological corruption of our society. In the end, it is our children, at least the ones who are not aborted upon conception, who are paying a steep price for their radically out-of-touch, and out-of-control demonizing of man!

Today, so-called feminism has propelled far past equality for the sexes, and now has traditional masculinity as a target. Problems that feminists claim to be problems with masculinity were rarely seen more than 50 years ago, but as they have pushed God out of the picture, targeted respect men and women hold for one another, and worked to destroy the family unit, the problems in society have not only been exacerbated but exploded to monumental proportions.

Today, women have the right to vote, right to work, right to be anything they want. However, what have women lost today? They have lost respect for what true masculinity means! Men are now more untrusting of women than ever before in history, as the divorce rate has soared, pre-marital sex and out of wedlock births have skyrocketed, abortion takes an unprecedented number of babies lives, and marriage has become a place of fear for our youth! We have men who want to be women, women who want to be men, some who don’t if they want to be a man or woman, and consequently suicide rates that have skyrocketed due to confusion, lack of direction, and a fear of life itself! Also, the latest Center for Disease Control (CDC) data reveals that the U.S. general fertility rate has seen a three percent drop between 2016 and 2017, which is one of the lowest levels in history. Not surprising, as men and women have become so divided and opposed to one another! Furthermore, the Progressive answer, import third-world nations to replenish the population, and create more progressivism!

Yes, today’s feminists say that they want gender-neutrality in the world, as they erode the relationship that men have with their wives, sons, and daughters, but is what they want are socialism and Marxism. They know that in order to achieve those ends, they need Americans to be desperate, have no faith to answer their questions, no husbands or wives to give them support, and no children to give them aspirations to do the right thing for their future! That is why they want to promote promiscuity amongst children, rather than let children be children, distrust amongst men and women, and demoralize society in general! Today, Proctor and Gamble is nothing more than a symptom of a bigger disease. It is a condition that is the modern-day plague for America and the world. A plague that is infecting our world, our nation, our cities, our communities, our televisions, our movies, our faith, our spouses, and our children!

However, now as boycotts are now affecting their company, Proctor and Gamble and Gillette should maybe check their own past. for example, P&G has been known for using women in short skirts and skin-tight vinyl outfits in order to embrace sex to sell their products…

Apparently, Gillette either has a very short memory, as they have a history of embracing the idea that “sex sells”!

One Twitter user pointed out their hypocrisy and said…

Now, to make matters worse for Gillette, it has now been revealed that those involved in the “toxic masculinity” advertisement at the company, are openly left-wing, anti-Trump Progressives, and members of the radical so-called Feminist movement.

According to the Daily Mail, the Australian director of Gillette’s sexist advertisement, has a record of Progressive and Marxist-Socialist activism, and has been an outspoken opponent of President Donald J. Trump.

One example of Gehrig’s Progressive war on mankind through ads includes…

  • An advertisement featuring a strong, empowered woman, and her dopy male date who can’t dance.
  • An advertisement for Australian lingerie brand that also takes on female body image by showing women without the ideal body tearing off ill-fitting bras.
  • He produced a film that attacked Australian men as steroid-soaked he-men who had a warped view of manhood.

Currently, according to Breitbart News, the “toxic masculinity” ad has surged on Twitter towards the most disliked YouTube video of all time. Ironically, their razors which have been a staple for men in America are likely to suffer the same dire fate, as it goes down as one of the most idiotic and sexist ads against men in world history!