By: Brian Evans

In the past, it has become quite obvious that Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other social media and internet sites have discriminated against those who don’t tow the Progressive Marxist-Socialism line. However, Twitter has now taken it one GIANT LEAP FURTHER! Now, Twitter is sending out notices to Americans who violate ‘Pakistani Law’, also known as ‘Sharia Law’, regardless of the fact that they live in America, and are American citizens!

In fact, Pamela Geller who is an American citizen, living in the United States has received a notice to “Consult Legal” for violating Pakistani law. In addition, Canadian columnist Jamie Glazov received the notice, as they have criticized Islam for the violence and hate that the religion has imposed on both Islamic and non-Islamic people. Also, another known incident involves Cristina Laila, who is the Associate Editor of ‘The Gateway Pundit’, who received a notice in December that she had violated Pakistani blasphemy laws because she made a comment about a year ago that burkas should be banned in the United States. Twitter notified her that the violation is punishable by life in prison or death!

Currently, Pakistan has made agreements with Twitter that their users, no matter what nation they reside, or what laws they live under, they would not violate Islamic Sharia laws, including but not limited to criticizing Islam.

Pamela Geller responded to Twitter, likely not in the way that they are accustomed to, as she tweeted…

Ultimately, our nation is under siege by the Progressives who are hell-bent on implementing Marxist-Socialism. They are using Islam, illegal immigration, gender warfare, and countless other ways to destroy our nation, burn the constitution, and implement their Marxist ideology. Unfortunately, Silicone Valley is just one weapon in their war-chest that they are using to irradicate Christianity, end liberty, and destroy the United States of America!