By: Brian Evans

As the shutdown lingers on in Washington D.C., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have vowed to block true border security, including a wall, regardless of the apparent crime, drugs, and diseases that are being brought northward to the American border. Democrats refuse to give the President the funds he needs to build a wall, which is to protect American interests and the American people! In fact, House Democrats refused to participate in a meeting with President Trump on Tuesday, after the White House’s requested Congressional members meet to try and negotiate an end to the partial-government shut-down and border security issue. Although President Trump has offered to give demands that the Democrats have asked for like humanitarian aid to the caravan migrants, and by lowering the amount he gets to fund border security and a wall, Democrats refuse to agree to anything but what they demanded. They said that they would not give any money for the wall, but want their demands met regardless. Even when Pelosi and Schumer refused to meet with the Trump, the President reached out to the more moderate Democrats in the Party, requesting they help end the shut-down. However, Pelosi and Schumer intervened and threatened the House members, officially ending any negotiations!

Not only is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats trying to stop a wall from being constructed on the southern border, but they are defending the violent criminal elements within these caravans including MS-13 gangs who have brutally raped, murdered, attacked, and robbed American women and children, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters! Still, Pelosi and her Party defend the animals. They said…

However, Pelosi and the Democrats are not the only Progressives fighting for the criminals, solely for political and ideological reasons, which is to…TO BRING DOWN PRESIDENT TRUMP! In fact, the Mainstream Media propped up and painted MS-13 as the victims, while demonizing the President of the United States for vowing to stop their brutal and vicious reign!

Now, mothers, some being legal immigrant mothers of American children who have had their babies many times brutally murdered by illegal aliens, including MS-13 Gang members, went to Pelosi’s office to demand action! They were angry that Pelosi defends the ‘animals’, and tries to keep the border unsecured! They are angry that she puts the wants of illegal aliens over the American constituent and taxpayers! They are angry because as Congress works for ‘We the People’, whom they now refuse to listen to…

Sadly, Pelosi and numerous Democrats refuse to listen to their concerns! They refuse to listen to their needs! The refuse to do their jobs and SECURE THE BORDER so they can PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

This is a war! It is a war for our constitutional freedoms! It is a war for our rights! It is a war for our right to jobs! It is a war for our right to safely allow our children to play outside! It is a war for our families not to live in fear! And now, it is a war to have our voices heard, as many in Washington DC refuse to listen to the very people whom they work for…THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!