By: Brian Evans

Under this Presidential Administration, it seems that nothing positive is allowed to be discussed by any of left-wing Mainstream Media outlets. Instead, they launch insult after insult, non-stop crazy accusations of racism and sexism for things that have nothing to do with race or gender, and accusations of treason against the President on mere rumors and no facts! This week is proving to be no different. In fact, on Tuesday, the left-wing site ‘Vox’ attacked the President after the Clemson football champions came to the White House to visit the President. Some had questioned if the White House would serve a meal to the college team due to the President’s staff being furloughed by the government shutdown, but Trump decided to provide a $3000 feast out of his own personal pockets! What did he provide, every kind of fast food sandwich, fries, and pizza!

The ideologically leaning Marxist site Vox criticized President Trump, not for what he said, but for serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers. They said that Trump’s belief that fast food would be the preferred meal of the athletes was

“classist and racist.”


Even other Mainstream anti-Trump Media outlets jumped on the bandwagon for “disrespecting” the college players, and called the President “unsophisticated and cheap”!

Vox reported that Mainstream Media were saying things like…

“One poked fun at the juxtaposition of presumably hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of silver and china ‘holding $29.50 of lukewarm dog sh*t.”

“Another called it ‘probably the best metaphor for Trump’s presidency that I can think of.”

VOX and Mainstream Media

Vox went on to say that the President was being “Classist” by assuming that college students like fast food, despite it being a staple in colleges and universities today! However, Vox went even further and said that…

“it isn’t much of a leap to assume that Trump guessed that many Clemson Tigers are black or come from working-class backgrounds and thus presumed they prefer cheap fatty foods over anything the White House would typically serve guests in the State Dining Room.”

However, in the process of attacking the President and his choice of food to serve, the Mainstream Media only showed their own biased, racist, classist, and Elitist mentality in the process. For example, over the past few years, Democrats and the Mainstream Media have tried to paint him as a billionaire brat who has gotten rich off of the working class, dines and parties in class, and lives the extravagant lifestyle. However, examining the President’s childhood and adult life paint a much different picture. In fact, the President’s childhood proves to be similar to ordinary Americans, as he was a bit of a rebel for his father, so he was sent off to military school for a number of years, where he learned self-discipline, motivation, and respect! It is also reportedly where he developed a strong respect for the military, which he now exemplifies as President. As a young man, he became known as not only a deal-maker, but a hard worker, as he worked long hours throughout the day, and many times only getting a few hours of sleep before starting the next day. Reports from current and former staffers in the White House say that he continues to work those long hours as our Commander in Chief and President today. Also, the President has been known to throw elegant parties for state dignitaries and foreign leaders, but he doesn’t really party! In fact, he doesn’t drink, as he says that it would slow him down. Instead, he uses the party’s to meet with foreign government leaders and officials, and work out deals that would benefit the United States and the American people! Finally, the fact that Vox says that President Trump assumes that the players are “black or come from working-class backgrounds and thus presumed they prefer cheap fatty foods over anything the White House would typically serve guests in the State Dining Room,” is an assumption BY THE MEDIA, in and of itself, RACIST AND CLASSIST.” In fact, multiple reports have come out where the President serves foreign dignitaries like President Xi’s visit to the United States, their own national food choices, but he also has them serve American foods like cheeseburgers! Why? Because President Trump LOVES FAST FOOD! Does that make him working-class? Does that make him a minority? I guess he is Irish in descent. Ironically, even the anti-Trump Washington Post did an expose’ on his affinity for fast food…

Vox didn’t stop there though! They stated that people who eat at fast food chains are advancing “animal suffering” because those corporations are built on a…

“vast network of animal suffering and ecological destruction” that “has, in turn, produced an epidemic of ill health.”


Apparently, Vox believes that humans consuming meats is horrendous, and we should all be vegans! Not surprising, being their platform is built on anti-human, pro-Marxist ideology!

Interestingly, even though Vox came to the assumption that only the poor, minority and working-class consume fast food, they point out later in the article that as income levels rise, fast food consumption grows. Therefore, within their own article, they point out their Elitist biases, their own personal discrimination, and false assumptions!

Ultimately, the President’s $3,000 fast-food spread, that he paid for out of his own personal pocket was a hit with the Clemson Tiger team, as even their star quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, called the White House visit “awesome”! He went on to tell TMZ media that “We had McDonalds and everything. It was good!”

Also, just last week, Breitbart reported that…

“It should come as no shock that Lawrence was decidedly in favor of the fast food buffet. Lawrence has been known to watch game film at his local Chick-fil-A while munching on Chick-n-Minis.”

Breitbart News

Still, ultimately the truth no longer matters for Democrats or the Mainstream Media! Instead, they put Marxist ideology over race, ethnicity, sex, age, patriotism, nationality, or any other factor! Regardless of the facts, Vox said…

“Trump’s comments that presume college athletes, who likely take great care of their bodies, would prefer a cheap buffet of burgers and fries over the kinds of food that one would expect to be served during a White House visit, have raised concern for some.”


However, regardless of how the now agenda-driven Marxist Mainstream Media and Democrats try to smear the President and his every action, Americans know that it isn’t the President who appears to be racist or classist! It isn’t the President who wreaks of hate-speech and anger! It isn’t the President who hates our Constitution of the United States and the power it grants to ‘We the People’! It isn’t the President who hates the working class in America! It isn’t the President who hates immigrants who come to America legally! It isn’t even the President who hates America as it was created by our Founders! Instead, it is the Marxist Socialists in our nation who have taken over the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, the Administrative State, and even many of our corporations! Sadly, in their Elitist state of mind, they sit in their high positions, trying to plot how to take down those like President Trump who oppose their Marxist-Socialism by name-calling, using smears, and blaming them for the woes that they themselves have created. In the meantime, those of you like myself who are part of the ‘class’ they seem to look down upon will continue to eat our ‘All-American’ fast food’, drive to work in our gas-fueled cars, and support a President who is finally putting America and Americans first! After all, other than him being an amazing businessman, strategist, and deal maker, he is no different than the rest of the average Americans in our nation!