By: Brian Evans

In March 2010, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was trying to move the Obamacare legislation to pass the house, and she was being pressed by Republicans and Americans, on what was in the Socialist piece of legislation, when she responded

We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.

Quickly after her comment, the legislation passed and she came under fire for the vast amount of socialist ideology that was included in the bill, and the fact that it violated Americans constitutional rights, in that it forced Americans to buy insurance or be fined with a penalty.

The left-wing so-called fact-checking site Snopes quickly came to her rescue and said that the quote was not entirely true…

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However, based on the actual video of her statement, and subsequent interviews, Snopes yet again proved themselves to be far from factual. In fact, when Real Clear Politics’ David Gregory questioned Pelosi about her statement, Pelosi admitted to the statement but tried to twist the meaning of her words to save political face…

DAVID GREGORY: And hasn’t that idea, that you have to pass it before you know what’s in it, isn’t that really the problem, as you look back on it? That the– there was such a rush to get this done, no Republicans voting for it, and now there are unintended effects of this that were foreseen at the time that you couldn’t know the impact of it. And now this is coming home to roost.

REP. NANCY PELOSI: No. What I was saying there is we are House and the Senate. We get a bill. We go to conference or we ping-pong it, and then you see what the final product is. However, I stand by what I said there. When people see what is in the bill, they will like it. And they will.

Now, once again the Democrats are using the same tactic as Representative Katie Hill (D-CA) went onto Fox News Channel’s “America’s News HQ,” and said she is willing to support some sort of physical barrier on the southern border, but she remains vague as to what she would agree to, and she goes on to say that…

Democrats are “all consistent” on a position that they will only discuss border security after the government shutdown ends

In other words, Democrats claim that they would be willing to talk to the President about border security, and SOME SORT of physical barrier, but they don’t say what kind of barrier, how secure the barrier is, or if it would even cover more than a few feet! In fact, they want the President to sacrifice all leverage against the Democrats, full-well knowing that the Democrats have already vowed NO WALL OR BARRIER on the border. They have even called a wall or steel barrier “immoral”! Therefore, they want the President to re-fund the government so he can see what they will allow him to do on the border!

Hill even went on to say in regards to a barrier, everyone has gotten caught up in semantics over a wall, and a 2,000-mile-long concrete wall isn’t going to happen. She added…

I think…that line that we’re all consistent on, as Democrats, is that, open the government first, and then we’ll talk. You will not get everyone happy, on either side of the aisle, with whatever solution we end up landing on.

Ultimately, Democrats must think that the President and the American people are stupid, as the Democrats try to pull a ‘Pelosi Swindle’, and demand their way in exchange for finding out what they are willing to give later. After all, Democrats have already made it abundantly clear what they are willing to give to President Trump. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Unfortunately, the only thing they promise to deliver to the American people, is socialism, communism, exorbitant taxes, stripped constitutional rights, heartache, and suffering.