By: Brian Evans

As Global-Socialism spreads around the globe, new indications bring about new concerns, as the global-Elites fight for a One-World Socialist economy with the communist elites in control.

Today, as nationalism has emerged in America and European nations abroad, the global Elites have upped their game to bring down any nation who resists their power and control. In fact, Angela Merkel of Germany, and Emmanuel Macron have recently announced their intention to sign a so-called “twinning” treaty, designed ‘target and erode’ national pride and sovereignty throughout Europe. They call their vision a ‘Sovereign Europe’!

The Times reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have revealed their intention to create a shared defense, cooperative foreign economic policy, and shared business regulations. They say they intend to use it as a prototype for a “more sovereign, and United” Europe.

Much of Europe has already relinquished their sovereignty, in regards to national currencies being converted to the euro, allowing the EU to impose Open-Borders upon the continent as a whole, and giving up powers from their own court systems, in exchange for the European Union Courts.

Merkel and Macron have designed their new treaty to encourage a formation of “Eurodistricts”, which will force German towns to merge public transportation networks with utilities.

Merkel has repeatedly said that she would push for “global solutions” to the world’s problems, and referenced mass migration and climate change, as two of her key goals. As a result of her need for power to implement that globalist ideological change globally, she had called on France to give up its seat on the United Nations Council to the European Union, in order to give the EU more power, and control over the council! However, after France refused to relinquish their influence in the organization, Merkel has now worked to push Brussels and the United Nations to grant Germany its own seat on the Security Council.

Reuters reported that the treaty states…

“Both states will deepen their cooperation in foreign affairs, defence, external and internal security and development and at the same time work on strengthening the ability of Europe to act independently. Both states will deepen the integration of their economies towards a German-French economic area with common rules,”

Last year, Macron announced that the…

“Franco-German couple” would become the “heart” of Europe and work to stop the world “descending into chaos.”

His comments were meant to be an attack on President Trump’s pro-America initiative and ‘America Firs’ policies.

Now, President Macron’s Administration has affirmed that the Élysée Treaty would enable the two countries to promote the global socialist initiative. Also, he said that…

“We envisage deepening our engagement in favour of security and prosperity of our peoples in the framework of a more sovereign, united and democratic Europe.”

Already, Macron has called for a “European Army”, to protect the continent from threats from China, Russia, and the United States (A NATO ALLY), which is reminiscent of the 1930’s aspirations of Adolf Hitler. A week later, Merkel backed his calls for a “real, true European army”.  However, Macron and Merkel intend to implement communist-based socialism rather than fascist-based socialism in Europe and around the globe.

Sadly, preparations are being made for Germany and France to sign the treaty at the burial place of the early medieval ruler Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, who was called “Father of Europe.” The city is  Aachan, Germany, and on January 22’nd, they will sign the treaty, and then, have it ratified by both French and German parliaments.

There are some Germans who are opposed to the treaty. In fact, Alexander Gauland, leader of the populist, anti-migration Alternative for Germany (AfD), condemned it as an…

“erosion of our (German) national sovereignty.”

Furthermore, as Merkel and Macron work to unite Europe into a Socialist Empire, nationalist and populist groups are laying the groundwork to oppose the Elites in their re-shaping the continent into a Globalist Empire! As a result, they are working to push for Europe to reform into independent nations. In fact, the right-populist Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini will be meeting with Poland’s conservative leadership in Warsaw this coming Wednesday. Ultimately for Europe, they are likely the last hope of a free Europe, without the shackles of socialist Marxism taking control of all nations on the continent.