By: Brian Evans

In the past, it was more difficult to see any bias throughout the Mainstream Media. However, in recent years it has become more pronounced and utterly obvious that the Mainstream Media has simply become a mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, and more specifically, the Global Socialist and Communist wing of the Democrat Party.

In their most recent displays of bias and anti-Conservative hate, not only did they call President Trump “Hitler”, and his supporters “Nazis”, but one of their largest mouthpieces, the New York Times attacked Representative Steve King (R-IA), and declared him a racist, and went on to claim that President Trump is his racist protégé.

The New York Times wrote…

Immigration is Mr. Trump’s go-to issue, his surest connection to his most faithful supporters, and his prime-time address on Tuesday night underscored his willingness to use fear and misleading statements to appeal to voters — just as he did with warnings about a migrant caravan before the midterm elections.

However, not only did the President’s warnings about the migrant caravan last year prove to be factual, but his statements that the Times, other Mainstream Media outlets, and Democrats claimed to be manufactured, have proven themselves to be truthful and evidence-based!

The New York Times even added a video that tries to demonize King and President Trump as racists…

Ironically, they claim that President Trump and Representative King are racists for speaking out against illegal immigration and for a wall, but Democrats including Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Senator Schumer, and countless other Democrats echoed the same words and called for the securing of the borders of our nation and building a wall or other structure. However, the media remained silent, as the dared not oppose their own ideological cronies…

Furthermore, as the New York Times joined in lock-step with Democrats and claimed the wall to be immoral, they failed to note that it was the Democrats who funded a 300-mile wall in Jordan in 2017 that was designed to protect citizens of that nation. Therefore, how can it be moral for other nations, but immoral for America?

Now, after the New York Times interviewed Representative Steve King (R-IA), they used the interview to create a hit-piece and wrongfully vilified and reported that the Iowa lawmaker was an advocate for white supremacy. Representative Steve King (R-IA) then released a statement…

Steve King


My statement on the New York Times article.

Ultimately, the left is using their propaganda media access on the web and throughout print and television to drive deep divisions into our nation. Sadly, they are using false information, fake news, and their utter hatred of ideological differences to deepen the divides and vilify their ideological enemies. They hate people like President Trump because he represents Constitutional Conservatism, and is putting America and Americans over the interests of the collective Elites! They hate Representative King (R-IA) and others who hold true to their Christian faith, Conservative ideology, and anti-Global and anti-Socialist stances. Therefore, they continue their war on the opposition, not by publishing the truth but instead by dispersing false, misleading and harmful smears, lies, anonymous allegations, and flat out hate-speech against their opponents. As a result, it has created divisions throughout our nation that will not only lead to injuries and death, but it is creating deep divisions throughout our nations that will ultimately lead to violence, increased hate-crimes, racism, and anti-Americanism that will take generations to heal, if it is still possible!