By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday night, President Trump brought his case to the American people, concerning the national security crisis at the border. Afterward, Democrat Leadership Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the President was “manufacturing a crisis” at the United States southern border with Mexico. However, evidence proves that not only did he not manufacture the crisis, but he could have expounded on it further, if not under the time constraints of the 8 minutes allotted for the national networks.

For example, if you look at the criminal activity on the southern border, which includes drug cartel warfare, deaths that have resulted from an open border, the massive drug epidemic in America, and the staggering costs to the American taxpayer that comes to almost 650 billion per year, it shows how badly America is in a crisis. In his Tuesday night address, the President pointed out the various crimes that have resulted in suffering for the American people, when he said…

“In the last two years, [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records – including those charged or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 violent killings.  Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country, and thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act RIGHT NOW.”

President Donald J. Trump

The President is right, and if you look at the Immigration and Customs report, it shows that more than 6,600 convicted murderers and sex offenders were captured by enforcement officials in the United States in 2018 alone, and that doesn’t account for the countless ones who were not caught yet. Furthermore, the report shows that of the 6,600 captured, 4,975 illegal aliens caught were sex offenders, and 1,641 illegal aliens were convicted of homicide! Also,1,913 illegal aliens were pending charges for sex crimes. Also, each of these criminals victimized an American, and many times immigrants who entered our country legally, and strived to become, or had become Americans. Still, Pelosi, Schumer, and their Democrat allies claim no crisis on the border!

President Trump also discussed the drug epidemic in America, which has victimized our children, wreaked havoc on American families, filled our jails and prisons, and shattered countless lives. The President said…

“Our southern border is a pipeline for vast quantities of illegal drugs – including meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. Every week, 300 of our citizens are killed by heroin alone – 90 percent of which floods across from our southern border. More Americans will die from drugs this year than were killed in the entire Vietnam War.”

President Donald J. Trump

According to numerous reports, the President is right, as evidence shows that opioid-based drugs like heroin and fentanyl have led to historically high death rates of more than 72,000 deaths in 2017 alone. As a result, more Americans died from drugs pouring across the border from drug cartels, than from worldwide terrorism. In fact, according to one report from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), there were 10,900 worldwide terrorist attacks, which were carried out mostly by Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadis, which killed 26,400.

The 2017 terror fatalities amount to about one third the number of fatal drug overdoses in the United States during the same period. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) data reveals that opioids killed about 49,000 more than terrorist attacks across the globe last year. Also, as drug-related deaths climbed 10% in 2017, that number is believed to have spiked even further in 2018, as drugs killed nearly 200 people per day last year, on average.

Overall, the bulk of the opioid fentanyl is being produced in China, but illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine that are pouring across the border of the United States are being trafficked from Central and South America, across the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, and into the cities, streets, and homes of Americans across the nation. They pointed out that Columbia continues to be the top cocaine supplier to the United States. In fact, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) deemed Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) as…

“the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States. No other group is currently positioned to challenge them. These TCOs maintain territorial influence over large regions in Mexico used for the cultivation, production, importation, and transportation of illicit drugs.”

The DEA went on to say that…

“Opium poppy cultivation and heroin production in Mexico, believed to be the primary source of heroin for the U.S. market, have continued to surge, providing traffickers a steady stream of high-purity, low-cost heroin to market throughout the United States…Illicit fentanyl and other synthetic opioids — primarily sourced from China and Mexico and shipped directly to the United States or trafficked overland via Mexico and Canada — are contributing factors in the current synthetic opioid overdose epidemic.”

President Trump’s administration deemed the opioid overdose epidemic a homeland security threat and a national public health emergency, as United Press International (UPI) reported:

“President Donald Trump has declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency but stopped short last year of declaring a state of emergency that would’ve given states access to funding from the federal Disaster Relief Fund. In fiscal 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services spent $900 million in opioid-specific efforts, some of which went toward support and recovery services and training first responders. Trump has also set up a presidential council to address the problem. The CDC noted, however, that the preliminary data is incomplete and likely underestimate the true number of deaths.”

Today, as a result of a porous and open border, Mexican and South American drug cartels have made billions in profits, while leading to the death and suffering of the American people. Even legal immigrants have rallied around the Presidents immigration policies and border wall, as they have witnessed dramatic spikes in illegal drug trafficking across our nations southern border causing a 22% spike in heroin, 38% spike in Methamphetamine, and a 73% spike in fentanyl. Also, the cartels have made billions on the backs of the migrants, as they charge the migrants thousands, in exchange for smuggling them over the border. Also, the cartels have become wealthy due to their participation in not only human smuggling, but sex trafficking as well.

Ultimately, border security discourages migrants from making the dangerous journey, which has cost the lives of countless migrants, including innocent children who are dragged on the journey as an insurance policy to aid the adults in being able to stay in the United States, despite their illegal status. As a result of the dangers, 1 in 3 migrant women are sexually assaulted or raped along the journey, and the human traffickers even have been found to leave migrants for dead on ranches in the United States.

For example, according to  Breitbart News, 217 migrants were found dead in Texas after attempting to illegally cross into Texas, while nearly 360 migrants died spanning the entire American border.  Also, in Arizona, a hidden encampment was discovered that revealed that child sex traffickers had passed through the State, on their way south of the American border, exemplifying the dangers that are posed to American children who are kidnapped and taken south of the American border, as they are sold globally into the sex trade. Therefore, the border wall would not only help keep criminals, gangs, and drugs from freely flowing into America, but it would keep our children within our nation, so sex traffickers would struggle to escape American authorities in their journey southward.

Today, as a result of our broken border security, open borders have resulted in the pointless suffering and the death of not only the American people but also countless migrants and their families, as they are incentivized to travel northward, through dangerous cartel territories. Even more, concerning for the migrants, is that they have to travel through dangerous territories that have seen more than 250,000 homicides, and nearly 30,000 disappearances since 2009. Also, in 2017 alone, Mexico became riddled with violence as they had 26,573 murders, 1,275 kidnappings, and 5,357 cases of extortion. As a result, authorities said that it made 2017 the bloodiest year in more than 20 years. Even more frightening, it doesn’t even include much of the violence and crime imposed by the cartels themselves.

Breitbart News co-founders Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz pointed out in 2017 that…

“The official figures, however, pale in comparison to reality since they do not account for the number of victims ‘disappeared’ by cartel gunmen–including those who were incinerated or buried in clandestine graves.”

Today, illegal border crossings have spiked to some of the highest levels on record, with more than 2,100 illegal alien border crossings per year, with 2019 expecting the largest influx of illegal aliens in decades! Adding to the criminal problem brought on by illegal immigration, and you saddle American taxpayers with massive expenses. In fact, over the past few years, Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have proclaimed that $20 to $25 billion for a border wall is an irresponsible use of the taxpayer’s money. It is quite ironic for them to play the ‘good stewards’ of taxpayer money since it is their leadership and their party who employed an excessive ‘tax and spend’ philosophy which ballooned the debt of our nation to nearly $20 Trillion. However, it is also ironic that even today, as the acting so-called good stewards of ‘We the Peoples’ money, they refuse to spend even $5 billion for the border wall, while not the building a wall COSTS THE AMERICA TAXPAYERS $168 BILLION IN 2018 AND LIKELY MORE, WITH $53.4 BILLION IN REMITTANCES IN 2018 ALONE. Add on the cost of the drug epidemic that has consumed our nation, much of it at the hands of drug cartels using the border to smuggle hard-core drugs into the United States, and it soars to an amount bordering on $1 Trillion. An amount well above the $25 billion it would cost to fully construct a wall across the entire southern border!

Therefore, while Globalist Open-Border Socialists like Univision anchor Jorge Ramos cites the border wall as a “Symbol of Hate and Racism’ for ‘Those Who Want to Make America White Again”, or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) call the wall immoral, they should review the facts! Before CNN and MSNBC call it immoral for Americans to be saddled with a $25 million dollar wall expense, they should look at how Democrats authorized and spent $600 million to help the nation of Jordan to build a 300-mile wall for their protection in 2018! Before Democrats and Mainstream Media call it immoral and racist to stop illegal immigration, they should look at how their actions are costing the lives of thousands of illegals who put their lives on the line to cross cartel territory, while the women and children are raped and murdered by violent MS-13 Central American gangs who travel with them northward.

Combine those problems with the fact that illegal immigration costs the American workers their jobs and fiscal ability to provide for themselves and their families, and it highlights the importance of securing the border! In fact, research has found that for every 1% in the immigrant workforce, it reduces Americans’ overall wages by almost 1%. That means that for each job taken by illegals, some American worker and family loses their job, loses their livelihood, and is left on the unemployment and welfare rolls, which costs the American taxpayers even more!

Today, the real immorality is when our government fails in its promise to protect the citizens of the United States by securing its borders. It is immoral to enable drug trafficking into the United States. It is immoral to enrich the drug cartels who smuggle drugs and humans into America. It is immoral to allow our children to be stolen, raped, drugged, and sold into the sex slave trade in Central and South America! It is immoral for our government to allow Police Officer Rinil Singh, who is a LEGAL IMMIGRANT to be murdered by an illegal alien because our leaders refused to not only secure the border but protected the illegal alien gang member in a government-sanctioned sanctuary city for illegals! It is immoral for American workers to lose jobs and financial compensation, as Washington bureaucrats fight for illegal aliens over American workers! Furthermore, it is immoral that those same bureaucrats call the American workers and people racist for fighting for the needs and lives of their own family members! Also, it is immoral to continue to incentivize foreigners to migrate to the United States illegally, while knowing that it puts the lives of the illegal alien men, women, and even children at risk of illness, crime, and even death!

Ultimately, as Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrat Party, along with RINO (Republican in Name Only) members of the House and Senate, call the President a racist and immoral for fighting to secure the border, they have proven to be hypocrites in their fight for their Global, Open-Border, and Socialist dream of the future, as they call border security and border crime a manufactured crisis! Therefore, it is President Trump who is on strong moral ground, while the Democrats and their radical leadership, have now proven themselves to be the ones on the immoral ground regarding the border and immigration!