By: Brian Evans

After Friday’s jobs report was released, it revealed that 312,000 jobs were added to the American economy in December, which is why the unemployment rate has now sunk to all-time lows across the board, with Hispanic unemployment now setting a new record as it hit the lowest levels on record in December of 2018. In fact, Hispanic-Latino labor participation rose to 67% causing unemployment to drop to a mere 4.4 percent in December, which is the lowest levels seen since they began tracking in the United States. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics data release shows that Hispanic and Latino employment hit a new record high at 27,701,000 in December.

As a result, President Trump revealed at the Hispanic Heritage Month event that…

“Nearly 350,00 Hispanics were lifted out of poverty in 2017”.

The president spent part of his speech at the White House celebration highlighting Hispanic-American success under the Trump administration economy.