By: Brian Evans

On Friday night, House Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) revealed at an MSNBC Town Hall that she and her fellow Democrats plan “to replace” Obamacare’s individual mandate with something she failed to specify as to what it would be. However,  she said added that it is crucial to raise the income level at which people can receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act and strengthen the law so that states have to expand Medicaid. Pelosi said…

Pelosi said…

“In their tax scam bill that the Republicans passed, they took away the individual mandate, and that was very dangerous, in terms of the Affordable Care Act. So we would have to replace that. A couple of things that I would do is to raise the income level at which people can get subsidies, so more people would be able to get the subsidies. I think that’s very, very important. Strengthening the law so that it is required that states will have — expand Medicaid, very, very important.”

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House


Ultimately, Pelosi and her fellow Progressive Caucus of Democrats hope that they can replace the individual mandate with something that can be more powerful over the American people in forcing them onto the federal system, and to strong-arm States to expand their Medicaid to cover the greater masses of Americans, as they hope to instill ‘Single Payer’ socialism in the future.

Originally, Obamacare was passed with no Republican votes and was founded as a stepping stone to a single-payer system, and this is the next stepping stone for as Democrats now have power again in the House of Representative. However, their new plan would have even greater detriments to American healthcare, our economy, and on the American people. After all, under Obamacare premiums rocketed higher than they ever could have before Obamacare was passed. In addition, out-of-pocket costs were out of reach for most Americans, not to mention that insurance companies were forced to exit the Obamacare exchanges leaving hundreds of thousand with no insurance. President Trump has called for legislation to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, which would result in greater competition and plummeting premiums, but Democrats, along with RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) effectively blocked any such legislation.

The problem is, with the Democrats single-payer system, it would destroy jobs and create a healthcare shortage overall. After all, if hospital and doctor reimbursement rates are set too low, it will lead to eventual bankruptcy. That means fewer medical options for patients and fewer jobs for healthcare professionals and their support staff. Therefore, as more and more hospitals and doctors close, it will lead to a perpetually growing LONG WAIT for patients. Even more frightening with socialist healthcare is the fact that the growing list of those waiting for leads to prioritization and eventually rationing of care, leaving countless Americans without any access to healthcare at all! After all, under socialized medicine, an insurance card does not equate to access to medical care itself! Furthermore, as rationing begins for expensive therapies, the most expensive medications would also be rationed to alleviate costs. As a result, drug companies would then be forced to decrease research and development, leading to fewer medications, fewer treatments, and fewer lives saved, all in the name of the communists ideal of…

“for the many”!

Finally, after the cycle of implementation for ‘Single Payer’ healthcare, medical access and medicine would be limited, and since single-payer healthcare is a government-funded program, taxes will increase for ALL AMERICANS to pay for the program. Therefore, taxes would skyrocket under the new program, as healthcare is one of the largest sectors of the economy of a nation!

Ultimately, this leads us back to the same question. Isn’t there a better way? And if one is willing to answer the question, it would be yes. It requires Congress to do the hard thing first and repeal Obamacare legislation. Secondly, it would require Congress to pass legislation that would fill the gaps to cover those with pre-existing conditions, those who could not afford insurance, but don’t qualify for Medicaid, and all the while keeping taxpayer costs down. In the end, it might be simpler than many in our capital make it out to be.

First, Congress should use Medicaid to cover pre-existing conditions. The Administration can work out the details with insurers to have them cover the applicants as if they were healthy on everything EXCEPT the pre-existing condition itself. Then, over time as the patient falls off of pre-existing condition status, they would roll over to the insurance company’s policy. By then, they would be covered as if they no longer have pre-existing conditions.

Second, the insured would pay a Medicaid premium which would be based on income. The poorest would qualify for free Medicaid and as the income rises, they would pay a premium based on that income level. Not only would this allow the pre-existing condition to be covered, but the low-income would be covered as well, and some of the Medicaid costs would be subsidized by the Medicaid premiums that are paid by the insured.

Third, Congress needs to make the insurance market a “true free market competition model”. This means that they would make it to where insurance companies could compete across state lines (as President Trump pushed for). This would drive down costs as competition increases nationwide.

Fourth, decisions on Medicaid costs would be set by the state as was originally designed. Today, Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to end States rights, so they can increase the federal government’s power, and therefore their own power. As a result, predominantly Democrat states would be able to implement single-payer systems. while other states would be able to implement free-market solutions, while still covering all constituents despite financial ability or medical situation. This would allow the citizens of each state to decide what is best for their own families.

Finally, Congress should make sure that it allows for alternative healthcare financing options like healthcare sharing ministries. One prime example would be Samaritan Ministries that allows Christians to help take care of the healthcare expenses and burdens. There are a number of alternatives to health sharing groups that provide an excellent alternative to typical insurance providers.

Ultimately, if Congress would implement these healthcare options, we would finally be able to make healthcare insurance available to ALL AMERICANS! In addition, it would allow those with pre-existing conditions to get insurance, and help drive down costs and save the American taxpayer outrageous healthcare taxes. NO MANDATES, NO SINGLE PAYER, AND SMART SOLUTIONS!

However, based on the MSNBC townhall, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indicates that they don’t care what the American people want! Instead, House Democrats plan to utilize their newly found power to push for one of the greatest leaps towards a socialist style government in history, as they have already indicated that they plan to introduce legislation on Tuesday to strip the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, impeach President Trump, and eliminate the free-market in healthcare and other areas of the economy of our nation! In all, it has been a big week for the socialist busy-bees who now have power in the capital of our nation.