By: Brian Evans

Christina Hagan is a young darling in the Republican Party of Ohio, where she has followed in her fathers’ footsteps and is now a ‘Four-Term State Legislator’. She had worked as a waitress at a local Italian restaurant, where she worked to pay off her student loan debt, even while working in the state legislature. Today, she is a young mother of three and recently ran for Congress, but due to her pro-Trump, America First stance, Marco Rubio and other RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republicans endorsed her opponent, which led to her defeat in 2018 Primary.

Hagan has spent her time in the State legislature defending the unborn, fighting against illegal immigration, and in vocal opposition of job-killing trade deals. In addition, she has been fighting to bring our U.S. troops home from wars overseas.

Throughout the 2018 Congressional elections, Hagan garnered national attention as the darling of the America First movement and brought in massive numbers of small-dollar donations around the country from voters who wrote messages saying they were fed up with the Republican establishment.

Her run for national office garnered attention around the nation, as Progressive globalist organizations like the “Chamber of Commerce” fought against her candidacy, due to her stance against illegal immigration, and her support of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda. Also, she made Forbes 30 under 30, and Fortune’s “Most Powerful Woman Next Generation”

As a result of her pro-life, pro-border security, pro-America First, and Christian ideology, she has now garnered the attention of left-wing lunatics, who care more about their now radicalized ideology, than who they hurt, or how abhorrent their tactics have become!

Now, the anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, anti-America First, and anti-Trump radicals have targeted her, not because she is a horrible person, but only because she adamantly defends the lives of the unborn! In fact, as she entered the State House, she was pushing two of three children in a stroller, both babies through the Statehouse where she works. Meanwhile, pro-abortion Progressive-Democrats began berating her, giving her the finger, and screaming at her, as her babies slept in the stroller. Following the incident, she didn’t attack the vile and appalling attackers but instead thanked God for allowing her children to sleep through the hate-filled attacks…

In the end, it is sad that Christians are attacked as the radicals, simply because they continue to hold true to their morals and beliefs. They are not the ones who fight to exterminate babies! They are not the ones who are wearing so-called ‘pu**y hats’! They are not the ones threatening to “blow up the White House”! They are not the ones using vile and hate-filled language at ideological opponents! They are not the ones violently and physically attacking opposing ideologues! They are not the ones storming into restaurants and threatening pro-America Americans! They are not the ones shooting at members of the House of Representatives like Steve Scalise! They are not the ones threatening to impeach the President for doing his job in securing the border, protecting American jobs, jump-starting the economy, and putting our troops and veterans first! They are not the ones calling other American Nazi’s for being against communism! They are not the ones bleach-bitting hard drives, destroying emails and texts, making accusations that prove to be false, and then blame the other side for what they are doing themselves. In fact, Conservatives and especially Conservative Christians hold the high moral ground, regardless of the vile slanderous accusations that the Pro-Global Socialist Elites launch at them!

Sadly, the Pro-abortion thugs who targeted State Rep. Christina Hagan and her babies are just one symptom of the left-wings deranged condition! Today, they can not and will not tolerate any difference of opinion, as they try to terrorize anyone who opposes their left-wing and radical ideas. After all, as followers of communism, they believe that there can only be one Party and one set of beliefs, and it certainly cannot encompass Conservatism, Freedom, Americanism, or especially Christianity!