By: Brian Evans

Time and time again, Snopes,, and even the Washington Post fact checkers have proven to take a true narrative and call it ‘false’, despite its truth and authenticity.

The latest incident of ‘fake’ fact-checking started when President trump sent out a tweet that highlighted the hypocrisy of the lefts claim that “walls don’t work” to protect one’s borders. In fact, President Trump has been highlighting how the Democrats’ support for walls and barriers is evident in their Washington D.C. rhetoric, and in their implementation of walls around their homes and residences. In fact, he highlighted how Barack and Michelle Obama’s new home had a wall added around their home to fortify it so they could provide additional safety and personal security. The President tweeted…

Donald J. Trump


President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!

The Washington Post,  objected the following day to the Presidents tweet, stating that…

“Trump claims there’s a 10-foot wall around the Obamas’ D.C. home. He is wrong.”

However, even after claiming that the President’s claim about the Obama’s having a wall was false, later in his fact-checking article he actually admits that not only do the Obama’s have a wall, but But the article, Michael Brice-Saddler, actually admits that the Obamas have not only a wall, but a security fence as well. Even other  Mainstream Media outlets like TMZ have described it as a wall.

obama wall2

The Washington Post‘s fact-checker wrote…

“The Obamas added security fencing to an enlarged retaining wall in front for the needs of the Secret Service but there is not a ten-foot wall around the house; the front steps are open to the sidewalk. Chain link fencing, but no wall, was added to the back.”

obama wall

The Washington Post also “fact-checked” the President’s joke about a “slightly larger version” of the wall, and said…

“While Trump says the border wall would be a ‘slightly larger version’ of the alleged Obama wall, he has previously described his proposed wall as 1,000 miles long, made of precast concrete slabs, rising 35 to 40 feet in the air.”

Therefore, apparently the Washington Post, like Snopes and other Progressive run fact-checkers are unable and unwilling to not only distinguish fact from fiction, or puns from serious narratives, but they intentionally try to twist the facts to fit their progressive ideological ends. They try to help left-wing socialists save face while trying to smear conservatives as liars or pushing fake information or news, regardless of what the actual facts reveal. In fact, the Washington Post has stated that President Trump made “nearly 8,000 false or misleading” claims since taking office, which is far from the truth. In fact, even in their last claim about his Obama wall comment, the Post went so far as to say that the fact that the Obama’s built a steel ‘fence’ on top of a wall, on their D.C. home, that the President was wrong to claim the wall a wall! In the end, the Washington Post and the rest of the Progressive’s Propaganda machine will do anything to sway the American people to oppose the Presidents attempt to fund a border wall or steel-slat barrier, especially as Democrats have vowed to withhold the votes, causing 25% of the United States government to shut down. Especially as President Trump stayed in Washington to fight for a secure border and pay for those affected like the Coast Guard, while Democrats went on posh vacations, hundreds to thousands of miles away from D.C.