By: Brian Evans

For the past few years, Mainstream Media outlets have released story after story that claims that President Trump colluded with Russia, had inappropriate relations with Russian women, had staffers that engaged in secret meetings with Russian operatives, and more. However, story after story, each one proved to be manufactured, fictional, and merely a ploy to destroy his Administration, and remove him from office. Today, once again another so-called Mainstream Media “bombshell” has proven to be nothing more than a manufactured false narrative. In fact, the McClatchy reporter who unveiled his bombshell on Thursday which claimed that Michael Cohen’s mobile phone was traced to Prague, in the Czech Republic during the fall of 2016 when they say he met with Russian operatives for President Trump, now openly admits that he used ‘crap sources’, which means that the whole story is garbage…

Although Michael Cohen has been inconsistent in his testimonies and caught repeatedly lying, the one thing that Michael Cohen had remained consistent on in his testimonies is the fact that he has NEVER BEEN TO PRAGUE!

Michael Cohen


I hear is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been. knows everything!

However, as always, the left went bananas when the story was released originally, like CNN, MSNBC, and numerous other Mainstream Media outlets who repeatedly forecast the end of the Trump Administration. It is a cycle that happens every few months, as outlet after outlet each push junk reports that claim they have evidence against the President, while other outlets seize on the information, and then a few days later, it is proven to be garbage.

The report by McClatchy “reporter” Greg Gordon was no different, as he admitted that he did not have a first-hand source for his story or even a second-hand source. His source actually a third-hand source, making it unreliable and normally unprintable!

Sadly, this will not likely be the last ‘junk report’ that is perpetrated on the public by the Mainstream Media, but it is yet another piece of evidence that shows how unreliable the Mainstream Media has become in recent years.