By: Brian Evans

In 2017, the Alabama Senate race appeared to be the center of the political universe, as Democrats, Hollywood, Social Media, and every other politically motivated entity descended on the state to prevent conservative Judge Roy Moore from winning the Alabama Senate seat.

In November 2017, Evans News Report revealed that…

it is becoming apparent that since the Democrats cannot win elections in the public arena, other than on the East and West coast, they are using their ‘Propaganda MSM Wing’ to bring down opponents in a new and more sinister way. They are utilizing ‘Soviet Union Communist Style Smear Tactics’ implemented by their own Propaganda Ministry. However, Democrats and the Mainstream Media are not the only Elitists who are joining in on the corruption within our government. Also, the Republican RINO Elites are embracing the Progressives global ideals and One-World Government Socialism and Communism in an attempt to hang onto thier own power.

Democrats and their communist Kabal attacked anyone who defended his name and reputation as twisted, as they tried to smear and threatened them. However, more than a year later, new evidence has begun to surface that it was a Soviet Russia style targeting campaign against a judge who had a stellar reputation before the Washington Post along with Democrats launched their search and destroy mission against the highly credentialed and respected judge.

In fact, the Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall informed the Washington Post that his office is now investigating the left-wing attack on the Judge, including but not limited to the Mainstream Media outlets like the Washington Post, Democrat Party officials, and Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn who targeted or allowed the targeting of Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Special Senate election. The Democrat disinformation campaign was called “Project Birmingham”, and it is now believed that the campaign actually changed the outcome of the election.

Ironically, it is quite amazing how the so-called Russian election interference investigation continues to pervade American politics despite no evidence of Trump Russia collusion, yet blatant attempts to interfere in America’s election by an American political party has gone unreported by a complicit media. Furthermore, it has become known that the smear and destroy campaign against Judge Roy Moore was planned out by the same individuals who wrote the false “Russia Interference” report that was given to the United States Senate.

Robby Starbuck


Another angle to this big @nytimes story… Guess who participated in using a Russian style disinformation campaign to influence the Alabama Senate election AND hoped to frame Russia for it? The CEO of the company that wrote the Senate Intel report on 2016 election meddling.

Robby Starbuck


Huge scoop from @nytimes: “We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet,” Democrat’s admit to using disinformation to influence the Alabama election… 

In all, the left doesn’t care who they smear, who they destroy the reputation of, whose’ families they wreck, or what damage they do to our nations election system or constitutional democracy. It is unfortunate, but it has become the new norm as our nation has become embroiled in global socialist corruption, and as a large contingent of the socialist propaganda ministry have launched an attempted coup of our Representative Democracy and our Constitutional Republic.


Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright accused Twitter and Facebook of being complicit with these attacks on Judge Roy Moore.