By: Brian Evans

After Democrats acted in defiance of strong border security and refused to do their job to fund the government, they made the conscious decision to go on Christmas vacation. Meanwhile, President Trump called his family back from Mar-A-Lago, and celebrated Christmas, as he continued to work from the White House.

As a result, although the President was not able to secure the $5 billion that he requested from Congress for a border wall, President Trump did what he could without them and officially ended George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s ‘Catch and Release’ policy that allowed countless illegals to be set free within the United States.

Catch and Release refers to the practice of releasing a migrant to the community while he or she awaits hearings in an immigration court, rather than holding them in an immigration detention facility.

Now as Christmas winds down, President Trump initiated a major policy shift, in which now illegal aliens caught entering the United States will be sent to wait in Mexico, which during that time the proper American agencies will process their applications for asylum. At a time when they are able to attend a court hearing, they will either be granted asylum, or those without valid claims will be deported back to their home countries.

The Gateway Pundit revealed that the process will involve the following…

  • Aliens trying to enter the U.S. to claim asylum will no longer be released into our country, where they often disappear before a court can determine their claim’s merits.
  • Instead, those aliens will be processed by DHS and given a “Notice to Appear” for their immigration court hearing.
  • While they wait in Mexico, the Mexican government has made its own determination to provide such individuals humanitarian visas, work authorization, and other protections. Aliens will have access to immigration attorneys and to the U.S. for their court hearings.
  • Aliens whose claims are upheld by U.S. judges will be allowed in. Those without valid claims will be deported to their home countries.

Therefore, despite the Democrat ‘Resistance’ going home for the holidays after refusing to give a dime to build a border wall and fund the government, President Trump continues to work tirelessly to safeguard Americans throughout the nation. Consequently, President Trump continues to ‘Put America and Americans First’, as Democrats and RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) continue to ‘Resist’ the will of the people, and destroy President Trump. After all, they will do ANYTHING to bring down our nation, so they can eradicate the Constitution of the United States, and implement their Global Communist State in its stead! Therefore, this Christmas we can thank ‘God’ that we have President Trump, who has put himself, his family, and his businesses on the line, not for his benefit, but for the benefit of Americans, and our nation as a whole!