By: Brian Evans

On Friday, Senators had reached an impasse being Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his ‘Resistance’ Democrat Party said that he would not allow anything to pass that had one cent towards a border wall, while Outgoing Progressive RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) joined Schumer, and moderate and conservative Republicans continued to fight for a border wall and security at the southern border, which was one of the primary promises of Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump.

In fact, President Trump won his 2016 election on a platform of strong borders and a border wall. On Saturday, President Trump tweeted…

Ultimately, Brian Kolfage is just one of the many whos standing in the way of the Progressive-Socialists and communists end-game. In fact, they will go after anyone who is successful in helping the President fight for the American people, and the Constitution of the United States. In fact, the largest obstacle has been Christians and Christianity itself, which they have been working to weaken in recent years. Now, they know that the removal of President Trump is the final step that would allow them to solidify their power, shift power from ‘We the People’ to the Administrative State, and grant them the ability to finish the implementation of their globalist initiative by ending the Constitution of the United States, and all the freedoms and privileges it bestows on the American people. That way they could initiate their Globalist Kabal, which could then neutralize those who resist and implement their Global Communist Collective One-World government.