By: Brian Evans

As President Trump has seen economic success after economic success, the Progressive-Socialist’s have tried everything to unseat him, by any means necessary. As they saw failure after failure, the Global Kabal has found a new weapon….THE FEDERAL RESERVE!

In fact, the evidence is now showing that they have employed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to use his vast financial power over the interest rates to ultimately sink the Trump economy. After all, the Trump economy not only was booming, but it was on fire, as the US stock markets set numerous records, consumer confidence was skyrocketing, spending was up, and all despite the fact that the Mainstream Media went on the air painting a dismal picture of Trump economic policies and buried the astonishing successes. As a result, they had Fed Chief Jerome Powell step in to kill the economic boom. Now, as one would expect, it has had devastating results on the economy and hit the retirement accounts of Americans. How can he have that much power?

Originally, the Federal Reserve System was established by Congress nearly 100 years ago, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. It was signed on December 23, 1913, and was in response to problems with the U.S. economy being plagued by numerous episodes of panic, bank failures, and credit scarcity. The hope was that it would create more stability throughout America’s financial system, and it worked. However, now as the Federal Reserve has become a follower of the Global Socialist Elitist ideology, it has become a threat to the American constitution, because of the incredibly powerful hold they have over the financial success or failure of the American economy. In fact, they can help promote economic stability throughout the nation or utter ruin. Sadly, the Fed appears to be more interested in wielding their power as a weapon today, to destroy the confidence that Americans have in President Trump’s economic ability, as a means to remove him in 2020.

On Tuesday Economic Policy Analyst Stephen Moore said on Bulls and Bears, that if the Fed raised the rates on Wednesday they should all be fired, due to the current economic status.

Then on Wednesday, the Fed announced that it would increase rates AGAIN, as it sent the already shaky DOW down 720 points in 10 minutes, and hit 894 points down at one point, as it was in freefall.

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Jim Hoft


Holy crap!! Somebody get this guy off the stage! Dow drops 894 points since Fed Chairman Powell took the stage!!

The Dow Jones has dropped nearly 4,000 points since Fed Chief Jerome Powell made the comments in October that he guaranteed that he would increase rates over the next few years.

Normally, the Federal Reserve carefully decides whether to raise or lower interest rates based on spending, the markets, consumer confidence, and other factors, but now they are guaranteeing increases in rates for years, regardless of the normal factors, and it is all because of their Progressive-Socialist ideology, rather than carefully crafted economic sense. Now, as a result of their putting ideology over fiscal rationale, the Dow went from hitting 103 record setting highs with the markets being up 46% since President Trumps election,  and an October high of 26,829 to an economic crash that erased $4 Trillion in American wealth.

In fact, as the Fed continues to spike the interest rate rapidly under President Trump, astonishingly, they not only never allowed the interest rate to increase under former Progressive-Socialist Barack Obama’s Administration, but they kept the rates at 0% for an entire 7 years under Obama.

Joe Hoft@joehoft

1) @realDonaldTrump really has no option but to fire Corrupt Fed Chief Powell now before it’s too late. The Fed did all they could to prop up economy during @POTUS44 Obama’s time in office. They printed massive amounts of money 💵 and kept rates at all time lows of 0 % for…

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Joe Hoft@joehoft

2) …Seven straight years. Only raised rates 1/4 % in 2015. Then after @realDonaldTrump won election the Fed immediately raised rates twice before he even stepped in office. After @realDonaldTrump immediately put a freeze on government hiring, moved ahead with 2 pipelines, …

Even Anti-Trump CNBC financial analyst Jim Cramer reported:

CNBC’s Jim Cramer went off on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, saying President Donald Trump is right to worry about a possible recession in 2019 as a result of the central bank chief’s rate hikes.

“The president is spot on,” Cramer said on CNBC’s “Mad Money” on Wednesday evening, after the Powell Fed raised rates for the fourth time in 2018 and projected two more increases next year. “The Fed is perfectly happy to gradually strangle the economy, the U.S. economy, in order to stamp out inflation, or the potential of inflation. And that’s bad news for corporate earnings” and the stock market.

Cramer has been saying for months there’s no need to worry about inflation since it’s not problematically high, and that the economy is showing pockets of weakness. Taken together, those factors indicate the Fed should pause rate hike, he has argued.

“If I were running Trump’s re-election campaign, Jay Powell would be my worst nightmare,” said Cramer, who, like the president, has been calling on Powell to stop. Powell apologists, “they must have no sense or empathy for what’s about to happen to the working person in this country,” Cramer added.

While most Americans realize what the Federal Reserve is doing and that it is responsible for the market selloff, the Mainstream Media are working to insulate him, as he is one of their greatest tools. However, Fed Chair Powell has single-handedly erased countless Americans net-worth, as he carelessly increased rates eight times under President Trump in less than two years, and caused a massive market selloff.

In all, it is time for the President to fire Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, and send a message to those who seek to put ideology over the well-being of the American people, that it will not be tolerated. In addition, it would save the American taxpayer Trillions, as each interest rate increase causes interest payments on the US debt to skyrocket, which has led to an additional half a trillion dollars in additional interest payments annually. Therefore, it is time for President Trump to reign in an out-of-control Fed Chair, and return stability to the markets, American retirement accounts, and the American and even world economy!