By: Brian Evans

Last Thursday, a story of a young 7-year-old Guatemalan girl was circulated throughout much of the mainstream media news organizations, as news reports indicated that she died, due to dehydration. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed her death but stated that she was given food and water immediately upon her being taken into custody.

The Washington Post chose to use the child’s death apparently as a prop for their progressive anti-Trump agenda, as they irresponsibly reported that she died due to dehydration shortly after Border Patrol officers took her and her father into custody, and their headline insinuated that the Border Patrol was responsible for the child’s death.

The United States Border Patrol confirmed the child’s death and said that she died last week approximately eight hours after she was taken into custody. Upon her and her father’s arrest, he reportedly informed the Border Patrol agents that the child had not had anything to eat or drink in days, as they traveled across Mexico, and illegally across the United States border. They apparently crossed the border in a remote location about 90 miles away from the nearest border patrol station.

The Washington Post released the following statement…

“Food and water are typically provided to migrants in Border Patrol custody, and it wasn’t immediately clear Thursday if the girl received provisions and a medical exam before the onset of seizures.”

According to the AP, they reported that the Department of Homeland Security says that they offered the Caal family food, water, and restroom facilities, but when they did, the father denied that his daughter was ill, and he signed a form stating that there were no visible signs of illness. Out of 200 migrants who were able to cross the border, authorities transported them to Lordship, which was 90 minutes away.

REFILE - ADDING NAMES: Cheili Nalleli Mejia Meza, a five-year-old migrant girl from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, cries as she holds the hand of her mother, Maria Lila Meza Castro, 39, after they ran away from tear gas released by U.S. border patrol near the border wall between the U.S and Mexico, in Tijuana, Mexico November 25, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

When Jackeline and Nery Caal rode on the second bus to Lordship, her father informed Border Patrol agents that his daughter had fallen ill, was vomiting, and quickly began experiencing seizures. The Department of Homeland Security reported that…

“Out of an abundance of caution, agents immediately requested that an EMT meet the bus on arrival at the Lordsburg station. The transport bus arrived at the Lordsburg station shortly before 0630.  At that point, the father notified agents that the child was not breathing.  Border Patrol EMTs began medical care and requested an ambulance.”

As they awaited the air ambulance service, EMT’s began medical care immediately, revived her twice, and then flew the nine-year-old by air ambulance to a children’s hospital. Sadly, she passed away at her father’s side at Province Hospital due to sepsis shock. DHS immediately notified the Guatemalan officials of the young girl’s death.

The CBP spokesman Andrew Meehan said in a statement to the Washington Post that…

“Our sincerest condolences go out to the family of the child. Border Patrol agents took every possible step to save the child’s life under the most trying of circumstances. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, we empathize with the loss of any child.”

Already, the Trump Administration officials had voiced their concerns about the dangers of large groups of migrants traveling such long distances and taking it upon themselves to enter the country illegally. After the incident, they said that…

“It’s a needless death, and it’s 100 percent preventable. If we could just come together and pass some common sense laws to disincentivize people from coming up from the border and encourage them to do it the right way, the legal way, then those types of deaths, those types of assaults, those types of rapes, the child smuggling, the human trafficking that would all come to an end.”

However, regardless of the truth, Democrats and the Progressive Mainstream Media outlets began using the girls’ death as a prop for their open border agenda. Quickly it was reported that…

“Top House Democrats are calling for a ‘full investigation’ into the death of a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala, who died of dehydration and shock just one week after she was taken into Border Patrol Custody.”

After mainstream media reports, anger began circulating the internet, and on social media that claimed that the girl was in Border Patrol custody for a week before dying, which was completely misleading and untruthful…


Which part of “she died of dehydration after being in Border Patrol’s custody for a week” are you CHOOSING not to understand? Why do people who value their “Law + Order” instincts ignore their empathy instincts or do you not have them? Asking for a friend!


There are f**king children dying in custody of border patrol. CHILDREN. a 7 year old little girl died of dehydration & shock after being in the custody of border patrol for a week. How are people okay with this????

The girl was in Border Patrol custody for around eight hours before local emergency services transported her to an El Paso hospital, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said. She reportedly had not eaten or had water for several days, and about eight hours after being taken into custody, the girl reportedly began having seizures. The girl reportedly vomited on the bus and was not breathing when she arrived at the Border Patrol station. The Border Patrol emergency medical technicians took the girl’s temperature and found that she had a 105.7-degree fever. At that point, they flew her by helicopter ambulance to an El Paso hospital where she went into cardiac arrest and died around 24 hours after being admitted.

After the mainstream media received a backlash over their politicization of the 7-year-olds-death, Politico issued a correction and updated the online archive of their newsletter. As a result, the revision said that…

“less than 48 hours after she was taken into Border Patrol Custody.”

Even then, they refused to stop demonizing the Border Patrol, as they continued to publish misleading reports for apparently purely political ends.

The Department of Homeland Security said that the girl had been in their custody for eight hours, as she was quickly handed over to medical authorities. Reports from the Customs and Border Patrol matched up within thirty minutes as they said that she was taken into custody at about 10 p.m. and that she started having seizures nearly eight-and-a-half hours later at 6:25 a.m. Emergency responders arrived soon after that to take her to the El Paso hospital.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that the girl, and her father were taken into custody at about 9:15 p.m., and then boarded a bus around 4:30 a.m., and transported to the Lordsburg Border Patrol station about 90 miles away. The AP had them arriving at the station around 6:30 a.m., around nine hours after being apprehended.

Even after the Associated Press reported that they found that the Border Patrol had completed the appropriate form that shows that when the girl was detained, she showed no signs of sickness, and even the girl’s father signed it. Still, House Democrats, which includes the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman-elect Joaquin Castro and California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard continue to use the incident to call for a “full investigation” into the 7-year-old’s death.

The DHS and CBP’s  Office of Professional Responsibility has said that they

“will investigate to ensure all appropriate policies were followed.”

Also, an autopsy will be completed in the coming weeks. In addition, the DHS reiterated that…

“Once again, we are begging parents to not put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally. Every year the Border Patrol saves hundreds of people who are overcome by the elements between our ports of entry. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and the best efforts of the medical team treating the child, we were unable to stop this tragedy from occurring.”

The risks are incredibly high, as just in 2018, the Border Patrol (CBP) has rescued more than 4,300 migrants who crossed the border illegally, and were in life-threatening situations. Those risks include when smugglers abandon them on vast ranches or deserts, or when they are packed like sardines as human cargo in a tractor-trailer or commercial trucks, or they try to cross the fast-moving Rio Grande.

Today, after the event, Jakelin Caal’s father has reportedly told the Guatemalan Consul General that he had…

“no complaints about how Border Patrol agents treated him and his daughter.”

In fact, Guatemalan Consul General Tekandi Paniagua told CNN that the girl’s father told him that the Border Patrol agents did everything they possibly could do to help his daughter. Also, he confirmed the timeline that was issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Regardless, the Mainstream Media and Democrats continue to push the false narrative that Border Patrol agents are evil, in their efforts to damage President Trump’s border security initiative. For example…

Senator Merkley (D-OR) made the claim that…

“Trauma is being inflicted” on migrant children in shelters “deliberately as part of a political strategy.”

Merkley went on to say that “almost every conversation we have,” the number of children in the shelters increases. However, he fails to note the fact that Democrat’s Progressive policies of an open border and the most generous welfare state has created a massive incentive for these migrants to flock to America, and put themselves in harm’s way. Furthermore, Progressive organizations going to South and Central America to incentivize and encourage their citizens to migrate to the United States, which creates yet more casualties, due to the harsh conditions of the travel.

The Washington Post went even further and made the comments that Americans are the threat to migrants, as they say, that the American people are the problem, and that President Trump and his Administration are responsible for the death of the 7-year-old girl. However, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post fails to mention how a border wall would deter the dangerous trek and the illegal crossing into our nation. She fails to mention that it is the Mainstream Media and Democrats who have in recent years incentivized parents to drag their innocent children through dangerous lands, treacherous terrain, and place them in harm’s way. They fail to mention that while they demonize the Border Patrol, that very organization saves thousands upon thousands of illegals each year from near death experiences, while they have saved countless American lives as they have fought to stop the flow of human trafficking, child sex trafficking, drugs, gangs, and other criminal elements that flow in and out of our nation. They fail the mention how the Trump Administration has caught countless human traffickers and been trying to get Congress to pass common-sense legislation that would build a wall and streamline legal immigration into the United States. Rubin also fails to mention that the father drug his own daughter across Central America to work, while his wife and three of his children stayed in Central America. A trip that cost the life of his daughter.

The AP reported that the father was an economic migrant:

Family members in Guatemala said Caal decided to migrate with his favorite child to earn money he could send back home. Jakelin’s mother and three siblings remained in San Antonio Secortez, a village of about 420 inhabitants.

Therefore, Mr. Caal and his daughter would not even be eligible for asylum anyways. However, instead of using common sense, she cites the pro-communist, open-border ACLU who said…

In 2017, migrant deaths increased even as the number of border crossings dramatically decreased. When the Trump administration pushes for the militarization of the border, including more border wall construction, they are driving people fleeing violence into the deadliest desert regions.

In other, the ACLU and Progressive Socialist like Jennifer Rubin claim that enforcing the law is evil. Ultimately, the Progressive left sees those like little 7-year-old Jackeline Caal and her father as a ‘means to an end’. After all, to them, it isn’t about how we get to a globalist one-world government. Instead, it is that we do get there, and quickly! That is why they call illegal alien detention facilities ‘internment camps’, and they demonize those who dare enforce the President’s border security implementation as ‘Nazi’s’.

Despite the Progressive’s hate speech and demonization of the Border Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security released the following statement…

“Border Patrol agents took every possible step to save the child’s life under the most trying of circumstances. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, we empathize with the loss of any child.”

Sadly, one day Americans may have to worry about strong border security, but keeping our borders safe from illegal intrusions today is not the problem. The problem lies in a day when the Progressives win their war against pro-American conservatives. Then, the concern will not be those who get in! Instead, it will be reminiscent of the Cold War, when Americans will have to fear our own government. However, unlike the East Germans, escaping our borders will not be an option. After all, it won’t be the Soviet Union whom we fear, but it will be the global government of tomorrow. Therefore, in the end, there will not be anywhere left mankind to run, or hide!