By: Brian Evans

Many Americans may not know it, but not only is President Trump under siege, but our nation is under siege, as the Administrative State has declared war on anyone who dares defy their unconstitutional authority, including all ideological opponents. They seek to destroy the credibility, family name, financial well-being, and lives of anyone and everyone who gets in the way of the Progressives socialist agenda, and their global communist ends. Great Americans like General Michael Flynn, General Pompeo, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, President Trump’s family, his friends, conservative journalists, pro-Trump supportive Americans, and countless other Americans who dare defy their now non-elected government.

Sadly today, we don’t live in the America of our forefathers, as our nation has been slowly transformed from a democratic republic of elected representatives in government, into an Administrative State of unelected bureaucrats who have now become the lawmakers, the executors, the judges, and the executioners.

In fact, as President Trump tries to restore justice and honor to the government by draining the bureaucratic swamp known as the Administrative State, they are fighting back, and fighting back dirty!  In fact, they have launched countless investigations into every aspect of the Presidents life, whether it be political, personal, and financial. Currently, they have dozens of Administrative State agencies, thousands of operatives, and Progressive Democrats who have…

launched investigations into his campaign, his transition team, his inauguration, his charities, his businesses, his overseas ventures, his business staff, his Presidential staff, his business associates, political advisers, his children, his now deceased father, and his personal life, and even his sex life.

In less than two years, the Administrative State, who has become what is now termed ‘the Deep State’ has forced out our cabinet members, with the latest victim being the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Mr. Zinke, as the Administrative State launched not one…not five…not ten…, but 17 investigations into his actions alone as Interior Secretary.

Reports indicate that the Administrative State’s goals during the Trump Administration involve the fact that ‘if they cannot remove him, embroil him, everyone he associates with, everyone who supports him, and everyone he loves in hundreds of investigations, trials, and sentences as possible.

Ultimately, it is a coordinated effort, amongst countless Administrative State Agencies, as well as by Democrats, to prevent the President from undoing their work to end the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers carefully crafted, which was designed protect Americans from the very criminals who now are on the verge of doing exactly that…ENDING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS AND PROTECTIONS!

Now, as the Democrats prepare to take control of the House of Representatives in January, they have vowed to increase the intensity and the mere number of investigations, as well as use their newly acquired subpoena power, as they intensify their against into President Trump and all else who oppose their agenda, including the American people. Also, in addition to National Democrats, countless State Attorney General’s have launched an additional battery of lawsuits against a number of American citizens who supported the President in 2016 and continue to support his Presidency.

The attacks against the Presidents White House staff has caused significant damage to the Administrations numbers, as a tally by the Brookings Institution shows that more than 60 percent of President Trump’s top aides have left in the first two years. It has caused a turnover rate that expectedly exceeds the previous five presidents. Also, with investigations launched into anyone who works in the Administrations cabinet, it has caused the cabinet secretaries families to be threatened, homes damaged, verbal and physical attacks at restaurants and movie theatres, some have been sit on, others their families attacked, and online attacks as well. Consequently, 10 cabinet secretaries have thrown in the towel and moved on, just as the Administrative State had hoped. That alone exceeds Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton’s losses in the first two years combined. However, they didn’t have any of the attacks going on during their Administrations.

Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media propagates the ‘fake news’ headlines that chalk up the White House turnover to poor Presidential leadership and an Administration in chaos. Therefore, it doesn’t help the President or our Republic to have the Mainstream Media being used as a propaganda wing, as they have attacked the Presidents every move, buried stories that show how much he has done for America and Americans, while twisting, distorting, and many times manufacturing news that paints him in a bad light. Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media and Democrats repeatedly call anyone who opposes their narrative or talking points as ‘Fake News’, regardless of its authenticity, and regardless of the Mainstream Media being the perpetrators of the truly ‘Fake News’.

It is a vicious circle of Administrative State allies who perpetrate serious constitutional violations as the Democrats and Mainstream media circle back and distort the truth in support of their Administrative State allies, as they repeatedly claim those who refuse to submit to their false and misleading news as ‘fake news’. That is one of the reasons that the Administrative State strives to stop President Trump from using social media sites like Twitter, as he skillfully crafts his tweets to get the truth out to the American people.

Therefore, as the countless hundreds of investigations continue their pursuit of the Administration,  and as the Mainstream Media bury positive economic news and MAGA achievements, they have intentionally overshadowed and hidden the vast achievements that the President has done for America. Also, it has all become a threat to not only the Presidency and America, but it has become a threat to the President himself, his family and his vast business empire.

For example, even the new incoming New York Attorney General Letitia James has promised to target and destroy the President, and all of his family members. She then said that they will just find a crime later, which is reminiscent of Joseph Stalin’s Communist Soviet Empire. In fact, after she won the election for AG, Letitia James was seen cursing and threatening President Trump on video…

Reporter: What would you say to people who say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to bother to register to vote because my voice doesn’t make a difference.” Or, “I’m just one person.”

Letitia James: “I say one name. Donald Trump. That should motivate you. Get off your ass and vote.

Reporter: Will you sue him for us?

Letitia James: Oh, we’re definitely going to sue him. We’re going to be a real pain in the ass. He’s going to know my name personally.

Today, Democrats and the Administrative State have become nothing more than Stalinist Thugs. However, Laticia went even further when she went onto NBC and promised to investigate the Trump family business, his family members and “anyone in his circle.”

NBC News reported

New York Attorney Gen.-elect Letitia James says she plans to launch sweeping investigations into President Donald Trump, his family and “anyone” in his circle who may have violated the law once she settles into her new job next month.

“We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well,” James, a Democrat, told NBC News in her first extensive interview since she was elected last month.

James outlined some of the probes she intends to pursue with regard to the president, his businesses and his family members. They include:

** Any illegalities involving Trump’s real estate holdings in New York, highlighting the October New York Times investigation into the president’s finances.
** The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian official.
** Examine government subsidies Trump received, which were also the subject of Times investigative work.
** Whether he is in violation of the emoluments clause in the U.S. Constitution through his New York businesses.
** Continue to probe the Trump Foundation.
“We want to investigate anyone in his orbit who has, in fact, violated the law,” said James, who was endorsed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Then, MSNBC’s Joy Reid was caught as well threatening the President and his family, when she said…

“This is the first time that we have Ivanka . . . in the crosshairs . . . The only way we’re really going to get to Trump is if you go after his kids . . . And this [going after Ivanka] could be the way to do it,” Mystal opined with Reid’s full agreement.”

Mystal states that she wants to go after the First Daughter over the price of rooms at Trump International Hotel for inaugural committee members. Part of the back and forth went as follows…

ELIE MYSTAL: Do you remember in ‘The Firm,’ how Tom Cruise brings down the entire mob on overbilling? In these reports, what we have is Ivanka Trump, as part of the Trump organization, overbilling the inaugural committee. That could be it right there. What we now have — this is the first time — look, we’ve talked a lot about Don Jr., we know now he was at the Trump Tower meeting, we talked a lot about Eric, because he seems to be Fredo.

This is the first time that we have Ivanka—which is like the only kid he likes—in the crosshairs.She apparently, according to these reports, was involved with overcharging the inaugural committee, and somebody had to tell her: this is going to look bad when we get audited. For a long time I thought that the only way we are really going to get to Trump is if you go after his kids. If you put the kids in legal peril, that’s the only thing that’s going to shock him out of his lying, deceitful, cocoon. And this could be the way to do it.

. . .

JOY REID: There is this finding that people — we’re going to talk about this later in the show — that you can’t indict a sitting President. But it doesn’t say anything about a sitting President’s daughter.

Therefore, regardless of what the President does, the Administrative State and their Democrat counterparts have vowed to employ a Stalinist search and destroy campaign that destroys the lives of anyone who gets in their way, regardless of facts or the law. Then, if they cannot get the President, they will destroy any member of his family, as well as friends to break the will of President Trump. To make matters worse for the President, the Deep State Progressives throughout the Democrat Party and the Administrative State have no plans to end their relentless and unlawful attacks on the Administration. Ultimately, there is no end in sight.

Therefore, as New York and the Administrative State goes after his father for alleged tax fraud, his daughter four countless other accusations, his son for meeting with a Russian attorney who had the meeting set up by the Obama Administration, Trump hotels for not turning away certain clients after Trump took office, New York tax officials sifting through the Presidents charities in search of tax violations, and hundreds of other investigations, the President continues to do the job that he was elected to do for ‘We the People”. In fact, New York authorities are even probing into his purchase of a life-size portrait of himself for $10,000, as if it is a crime to spend a certain amount of money on a portrait. A political scientist by the name of Stanley Renshon, who works at the City University of New York and a psychoanalyst, says that in the end, it…

“adds up to a lot of people, not just the left, trying to make his presidency untenable.” It is, perhaps, vaster than the right-wing “conspiracy” the Clintons endured, Renshon says. “I call it the everybody conspiracy.”

In fact, the Administrative State, Mainstream Media, and Progressive-Socialist Democrats are trying to bring down the President for alleged infidelity and adultery, which is not a crime. They claim that paying hush money is impeachable, despite its legality and it being common for the wealthy to pay hush money, not out of guilt, but to prevent business complications. They claim that hiding alleged adultery is a crime, which it is not. They claim that using your own money like Trump did to pay off blackmail is illegal, but it is not. Even still, they go after the President and call for his impeachment, not because of any criminal activity, but because of his ideology. They threaten his family, his friends, his co-workers, his business associates, his clients, his attorneys, his financial advisors, his banks, his Administration’s staff, his cabinet secretaries, his supporters, and his financial supporters. Ultimately, they will go after anyone who gets in the way of their destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic, and their end goal of replacing it with a ‘Global Socialist Administrative State’. After all, it doesn’t matter who they destroy, because, for Progressives, the ends justify the means!