By: Brian Evans
As Americans continue to see our nations constitutional rights and freedoms erode away before our eyes, Democrats are annoyed that it isn’t happening quite fast enough. On Wednesday, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) went onto CNN and said that he would love to be able to regulate free speech, but the First Amendment prevents him from doing so. Representative Lieu said…

“I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech, but the First Amendment prevents me from doing so.”

Representative Lieu (D-HI)


Sadly, it isn’t the first time that Democrats have reveled in the idea of government censorship or power, but unfortunately, we do live in a time where America has become more of an Administrative State, than a Representative democracy. Prager University points out how America is becoming more of a monarchy…of sorts! After all, a Monarchy is the rule of a single King, but today we live in an era where America has become an Administrative State with not one king, but countless kings. It is called communism, which is implemented with a single political party that employs a massive network of king-like figures who make up the Administrative Stated



Unfortunately, it was a much easier task to overthrow a single King like the British King George III during the American revolution, than it will be to overthrow the massive network of hundreds of Kings throughout America’s Administrative State. They are now at odds with our Constitution, and the rights of ‘We the People’.

Just like Prager University points out, the inception of the Administrative State was conceptualized during the Wilson Administration, but it wasn’t until President Franklin Roosevelt’s Administration that their vision was implemented at unprecedented levels. The New Deal, as well as other Progressive-Socialist ideological concepts like the ‘Great Society’ was a chance for the Executive branch to gain power, and expand that power to what is not seemingly insurmountable odds. Roosevelt’s New Deal was the primary catalyst that launched the massive bureaucracy and empowered it with vast power and authority. Today, the massive Executive bureaucracy’s powers transcend the given boundaries of the executive branch, to where it now encompasses the power of the legislative, judicial, and executive branch functions, only without the ‘will of the American people’ to subvert or weaken their powers. As a result, they are being unconstitutionally granted a power that is independent of presidential control, free of congressional oversight, able to control and manipulate judicial decisions, and separate entirely from political control or influence of the American people.

The newly established Administrative State was fundamentally at odds with the Constitution of the United States, and took power away from Congress, and transferred that power to various Administrative agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, DEA and more than 400 other administrative agencies. Over the years, power in America has strategically shifted from democratically elected congressional and legislative leaders to Administrative Agencies, who really don’t answer to anyone or anything, like the Constitution of the United States.

The FBI has proven to be one of the prime examples of the lack of accountability of an Administrative Agency, in regards to the Clinton investigation, and the Trump investigation. They proved that not only did non-elected Administrative officials within the agencies collude with one another to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, but when they failed to change the outcome, they worked together and coordinated their efforts to subvert the will of the people, and unseat a duly-elected President. Sadly, it isn’t an isolated event, as the administrative state has become so powerful, that they have worked to bring down anyone in government who dares question their own goals and aims. Meanwhile, as they tried to bring down President Trump and all who support him, they covered up known Clinton crimes, and after two years, they worked to make sure that no-one who supports their agenda is held accountable, as they turned over heavily redacted documents to Congress or censured those who viewed them. Then, they claimed that those documents are too sensitive to be seen by anyone outside of their agencies, and defy Congressional oversight!

There are countless other examples where the Administrative State has been at odds with constitutional law and protections. For example, Americans have had their lands stolen by governmental agencies in the name of environmentalism, water taken from farmers to in the name of animal rights, citizens wrongfully robbed of their life savings through perjury traps, millions of acres burned because of improper forestry maintenance in the name of  environmentalists, and the freedom of speech and the press silenced with just a mere accusation of racism and discrimination, and absolutely zero evidence.  Unfortunately, these are just a handful of the countless thousands of incidents of unconstitutional acts perpetrated upon ‘We the People’ by the Administrative State!

Ultimately, the Administrative State is fundamentally at odds with the American constitution, which has given rise Progressive political, social, and ideological discrimination. In fact, that is why Progressives and the Administrative State have worked tirelessly to water-down the constitutional freedoms, subvert the laws of our nation, and centralize power away from our nations elected leadership, and shift that power to the unelected leadership within their organizations. The Heritage Foundation points out that…

“the original Progressive-Era architects of the administrative state understood this quite clearly, as they made advocacy of this new approach to government an important part of their direct, open, comprehensive attack on the American Constitution.”

The Heritage Foundation also points out that in 1912, President Woodrow Wilson

“urged that the rigid, mechanical, ‘Newtonian’ constitutionalism of the old liberalism be replaced by a ‘Darwinian’ perspective, adjusting the Constitution as an organic entity to fit the ever-changing environment. Wilson also blamed separation-of-powers theory for what he believed to be the inflexibility of the national government and its inability to handle the tasks required of it in the modern age.”

President Wilson also said

The trouble with the theory is that government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls, not under the theory of the universe, but under the theory of organic life. It is accountable to Darwin, not to Newton. It is modified by its environment, necessitated by its tasks, shaped to its functions by the sheer pressure of life. No living thing can have its organs offset against each other, as checks, and live.”

In addition, Woodrow Wilson wrote an 1882 essay titled: “Government By Debate.” Wilson said that America should free the Administration from the political influences of the American people. He said that the Administrative State…

“should be organized in strict accordance with recognized business principles. The greater part of their affairs is altogether outside of politics.”

Wilson also said that the constitutional principle of checks and balances interfered with the efficiency of government, and therefore should be separate and independent. He said

Give us administrative elasticity and discretion. Free us from the idea that checks and balances are to be carried down through all stages of organization.”

He added…

The functions of government are in a very real sense independent of legislation, and even constitutions, because [they are] as old as government and inherent in its very nature. The bulk and complex minuteness of our positive law, which covers almost every case that can arise in Administration, obscures for us the fact that Administration cannot wait upon legislation, but must be given leave, or take it, to proceed without specific warrant in giving effect to the characteristic life of the State.

Today, Americans throughout our nation have become so disillusioned by our daily lives,  and bombarded by ‘fake news’, while the radical left tries to transfer their indiscretions to ‘real news’ reporters that too many Americans have become blind to reality, buried in rea Also, Progressives project their crimes against our nation onto those who defend the Constitution, and the American people.

As a result of the growing Administrative State, there began to be a distinct emphasis and concentration of power with the Administrative State’s sphere of influence, over the Constitutional sphere. Then over time, the Progressive ideas began to reshape American government from the Constitutional Republic, in which power is balanced between the two ends of the political spectrum, conservative and liberal, and into an all-powerful Administrative State, making the Constitutional government the front, as the Administrative State created public American policy. That way, it gives their illegal and unconstitutional State the appearance of legality, while subverting the law.

Since the inception of Franklin Roosevelt’s Progressive New Deal legislation, Progressivism took root, only to be magnified by college and universities progressive ideological thought. Now over time, Progressives and their Administrative State allies have watered down and weakened the Constitution of the United States to a point that the separation of powers has become not just insignificant, but mute.

Sadly, even the Judicial Branch has refused to challenge the Administrative State, regardless of its clear violation of the United States Constitution. For example, even recently, the Supreme Court under William Rehnquist refused to revisit the abandonment of non-delegation in the case of Mistretta v. United States. The Heritage Foundation pointed out in the case that…

“the Supreme Court upheld the statute that delegated to the U.S. Sentencing Commission the power to set sentences (or sentencing guidelines) for most federal crimes. If any case were going to constitute grounds for non-delegation review, it would have been this one. Congress created the Sentencing Commission as, essentially, a temporary legislature with no purpose other than to establish criminal penalties and then to go out of existence.”

As a result, the Supreme Court confirmed the power and legitimacy of the administrative State; therefore, allowing the separation of powers to be degraded even further. Sadly, the courts have either refused to challenge cases that would have curtailed the Administrative States amassing of power, but in several instances, they sided with Progressives fight to weaken Constitutional government, in favor of the Administrative State’s non-elected power.

Today, the rise of the Administrative State has hit astronomical proportions, as more than 440 Administrative agencies make laws, enforce the laws, and punish Americans, regardless of their powers being illegal under the Constitution of the United States, especially since their powers are not elected, but delegated, with no oversight. In fact, the Administrative State has become so intertwined within our nation’s framework today, that most American’s don’t think twice about questioning their authority or power. Furthermore, Progressives have made it impossible for anyone within the Administrative State to be fired or reprimanded, as they have granted them unconstitutional protections, making it impossible, and many times a crime to fire a federal employee.

Now, since the election of President Trump, General Michael Flynn saw himself, as well as his family threatened by Robert Mueller, who is a delegated prosecutor, who has amassed more power than anyone in government, including the President of the United States. He has illegally set perjury traps for American citizens, violated countless laws and civil codes, been given an unlimited amount of money to search and destroy enemy’s of the Progressive cause, and has gone unmonitored, unchecked, and unaccountable to anyone in government, or ‘We the People’. Meanwhile, Mueller and the Administrative State ignored the blatant and known crimes of Hillary Clinton, granted immunity to Progressive Deep State operatives with nothing in return. Furthermore, the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), and other left-wing Progressives call for throwing anyone associated with President Trump and the President himself to be impeached, indicted, and thrown in jail, regardless of evidence showing no collusion with Russia, and many times no crimes at all. Meanwhile, the Progressives plead for the courts to grant Progressives and Democrat Senate Staffers who openly committed crimes like leaking classified information, to be granted leniency. The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that…

Former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper wrote a letter asking for leniency for the Senate Intelligence Committee’s former security director who pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contact with a reporter.

James Wolfe “lied to FBI agents in a December 2017 interview in connection with the FBI’s probe of leaks of information regarding the activities of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to various reporters,” his lawyer wrote. “It is a decision, along with his breaking his marital vows and violating his former employer’s rules regarding contacts with the media, that he deeply regrets.”

Clapper submitted a handwritten letter to the judge supporting Wolfe, saying “knowing Jim as I do, I know this whole experience — and its exposure in the media — has been very traumatic for him already. I would hope the court would consider his long and faithful service, as well as what he has endured so far — in sentencing and would recommend minimal confinement.”

Republican intelligence committee chairman Richard Burr and with Democratic ranking member Dianne Feinstein also wrote to “seek leniency in the sentencing of Mr. James Wolfe … we do not seek to diminish the seriousness of the allegations against Jim, nor diminish the significance of misleading federal agents … but we ask that the totality of his service and career be taken into consideration.”

The sentencing documents were first reported by BuzzFeed News, which once employed Ali Watkins, a reporter with whom Wolfe had a relationship.

Separately, Feinstein’s driver was outed as a Chinese spy, something she quietly swept under the rug.

During a Dec. 15, 2017, interview with FBI agents, Wolfe denied knowing four separate reporters. But phone records and photographic evidence showed that Wolfe knew the journalists, according to a grand jury indictment.

He pleaded guilty in October to lying about his contacts with one reporter.

Wolfe appears to have given journalists information about former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The government indictment suggests that Wolfe gave reporter Ali Watkins information about Page for an article that she published on April 3, 2017. He also allegedly provided information to reporters for an Oct. 17, 2017, story about a subpoena issued against Page.

Also, being that the Administrative State has been unable to prove collusion with Russia, they had moved to go after obstruction of justice, which fell flat. They have sought to find evidence of President Trump giving access to foreign leaders to Trump hotels, payoffs for women who claimed he slept with them and then demanded money for their silence, and countless other avenues that the Progressives and the Administrative State have delved into, in their effort to unseat the President. Now, as Progressives and their Administrative Agencies have come up short with current investigations, Federal Prosecutors have re-opened the investigation into so-called ‘hush money’ that was paid by Michael Cohen, when he was the attorney for a then-private citizen and businessman Donald J. Trump. Attorneys have pointed out that although ‘hush money’ was paid out, it is a normal transaction for millionaires and billionaires, as countless individuals try to extort money from the wealth, and it is far simpler to pay them off, than deal with bad publicity. Furthermore, there is nothing illegal with such a transaction, regardless of what the Mainstream Media and Democrats claim. Now, as it has become evident that yet another attempt to unseat President Trump has floundered, the Administrative State has opened up yet ANOTHER INVESTIGATION into President Trump. This time, they have begun to investigate President Trump’s inauguration spending, as they look into whether the committee misspent funds and top donors gave money in exchange for access to the administration

President Trump delivered his inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2017.
President Trump delivered his inaugural address at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2017. PHOTO: ALEX WONG/GETTY IMAGES


In 2016, President Trump had announced that his inaugural committee would foot much of the bill for the inaugural celebrations in January of 2017 because he didn’t want the festivities to be placed as a burden on the American taxpayers. As a result, his committee set out to raise money and raked in a record $107 million in addition to private donations. In comparison, Obama had two inaugural committees that combined only raised $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013. In the end, while the inauguration itself was paid for by tax dollars, President Trump not only reduced the elaborateness of the post-inaugural celebrations, but he reduced the cost and the duration of celebrations. President Trump said that he thought it was irresponsible to drag out the celebrations, and instead went quickly to work. Also, President Trump utilized money donated to fund the events, while saving the American taxpayer millions in expenses.

Following the inauguration, President Trump’s committee had 90 days to reveal its donors, which it complied with. However, regardless of his cooperation, the Administrative State, spearheaded by Federal Prosecutors from Progressive New York has opened a new investigation into the donors who funded the inaugural festivities. Some of the contributors have been already known, like Boeing, Chevron, AT&T, and others, but after the federal prosecutors raided Michael Cohen’s offices, they are seeking evidence of anyone foreign or domestic who ‘might have’ donated money to influence Trump Administration policy.

However, what they conveniently fail to note, is the fact that the Administration has not deviated from what they promised the American people in the President’s “Contract with America” with the American voters. Furthermore, although the criminal probe by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office is in the early stages, there is no evidence of impropriety at any level. Regardless, they continue to move forward with countless investigations against the President, and this investigation is of critical importance. That is because already the Administrative State has gone after the Presidents vocal supporters, now they are going after his financial backers and supporters. Their hopes appear to be that if they cannot defeat President Trump on the campaign trail, or remove him from office, they will strip away any semblance of support, albeit social or financial support.

Ultimately, the Administrative State, aka “Deep State” is going to continue on its ‘search and destroy’ mission to subvert the ‘will of the people’. For decades, they have chosen President after President, both Progressive Democrats and Progressive RINO Republicans, who towed the Establishment Elitist line, and submitted to the Administrative State. In fact, the last non-elitest, non-progressive, non-establishment President was Ronald Reagan, and he was under similar attacks, similar criticisms, and similar fake-news stories as our current President.

In addition, the Manhattan Federal Prosecutors have asked Robert Mueller to spearhead the second line of attack, as they requested the Special Council to probe whether any foreign money flowed to the inaugural fund, which is prohibited from accepting foreign funds. Soliciting Mr. Mueller and his team’s assistance allows the Administrative State to have even deeper pockets, as Mueller has unlimited funds and resources, and has proven that he is apparently above the law, as Democrats fight to give Mueller unquestionable powers, with no oversight, and the ability to subvert constitutional law without question. Also, Mueller has been able to operate on a non-existent budget, as he has been granted unending cash flow, regardless of results or his constitutional violations.

Therefore, Progressives in Congress, throughout the Administrative State, and throughout our nation don’t really care about justice. Progressives don’t even care about President Trump, except for the fact that he has proven to be anti-globalist, anti-communist, anti-progressive, anti-administrative state, and against everything that socialists, communists, and progressives represent and fight for. Instead, President Trump fights against their agenda, as he seeks to defend the constitution against the Administrative State, defend our capitalist system against a communist takeover, and defend America and the American people against the global elitists in Washington D.C., and around the globe.  Unfortunately, although it is a battle that the President is winning, it isn’t a war that President Trump can ultimately win. Not because he couldn’t win head to head, but because he is fighting an enemy so large, with so many heads, with unlimited financial resources, and in hundreds of agencies around the United States and around the globe, that it would ultimately take him more than a lifetime to defeat them. In the meantime, our nations’ schools have become progressive breeding grounds for communist sympathizers. Our major media organizations have become propaganda machines for the ultra-socialist elites in D.C., and around the globe, and many of the college grads who have been educated to believe that capitalism is bad, and communism has taken over much of the major corporations around the nation and globe. That causes the position of the Presidency to take on more of a David and Goliath role, given the President is anti-Progressive.

Unfortunately for America, although President Trump has taken on the role, and been winning, he only has at most, eight years to fight this war. Therefore, it will take numerous successors, who would have to be strong and anti-progressive themselves to ultimately win the war, and bring down the massive unconstitutional Administrative State in America. Although nothing on earth is impossible, it is still a tall order with nearly insurmountable odds to achieve success.