By: Brian Evans

In a December 12 meeting between President Trump and top Democrat Congressional leaders, Democrats called the President’s campaign promise of building and completing a wall along our southern border a…

“waste of money”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

However, what they conveniently fail to mention, or what they choose to ignore, is the fact that currently not having a border wall is costing the American taxpayer $155 billion dollars per year. Furthermore, that $155 billion dollars do not even include American job losses, due to companies paying illegals very little, instead of paying higher wage Americans. Furthermore, it fails to account for the billions in dollars that illegal drugs cost to the American taxpayer, nor the cost of mere numbers of lives lost due to illegal drugs. Finally, there are the remittances to Mexico that affect American commerce. In all, it costs the American taxpayers, and the American workers’ hundreds of billions of dollars, which could all end, so long as our Congress gives the President his funding to build a border security wall. Furthermore, despite the Democrats claim that a wall would not be effective, WALLS DO WORK! Even the former mayor of Shiloh Israel said that Israel’s border wall cut illegal immigration down to ZERO!

On Wednesday, President Trump said…

Therefore, in the end, America’s taxpayers will ultimately save hundreds of billions of dollars by building the wall. Therefore, whether Mexico pays for the wall or the United States pays for the wall, it will ultimately pay for itself in less than a year. Pelosi and Schumer, as well as countless Democrats,  may call the wall a “was a waste of money,” but it will actually be a major financial bonus to ‘We the People’. And in the end, it would also save countless lives in the ‘war on drugs’, MS-13 murders, and job losses around the nation.