By: Brian Evans

For several years now, the European Union has been broadening and strengthening its grip on individual European nations, as they have amassed power and imposed their will upon member nations, whether they want it or not!

Now, as protests in France have grown from a rebellion over excessive environmentalist fuel taxes, it has expanded and grown exponentially, as frustration and anger has spread, due to progressives elitists imposing their globalist initiative and will upon the poor throughout France and Europe. In fact, the citizens of France are rebelling over the elitists’ collective taxation and suppression of free will, as it left the French with no alternative but to protest, and eventually fight.

Now, four weeks into the protests, hundreds of protesters have been arrested, as the “yellow vest” protesters, who get their name from the yellow safety jackets they wear, took to the streets again. According to the BBC, they reported that over this past weekend, 8,000 demonstrators gathered in the center of Paris, as authorities arrested more than 1,000 citizens.

On November 6, 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported how French President Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of a “true European army,” as he issued a sharp criticism of the trans-Atlantic security ties with the United States, which ironically has provided stability throughout the continent for decades. Also, German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined in with Macron, as she called for a European Army. It is yet another sign that the globalists are yearning to create an army that can enforce their globalist and socialist initiative throughout the region, especially if they cannot rely on the United States to embrace their pro-communist doctrine.

Emmanuel Macron even went to the extreme by going on French radio and labeling the United States as one of the foreign powers that he considers a potential threat to Europe, like China and Russia. Ironically, he is rightfully so, because President Trump will likely support the people of France, and the European people, rather than the Elitists and Globalists who seek to implement communist rule over the people.

Now, although Macron and Merkel both called for a European Army, it appears that they may already have one. On Sunday, reports, and videos surfaced that showed European Union armored vehicles rolling into the streets of Paris to help Macron quash the protests.

Reports have also indicated that the Globalist EU armored vehicles were firing on the unarmed protesters, as they sought to end the protesters will and fight to continue their expanding socialist ideological grip on the nation.

Embedded video

Now, as the so-called EU’s “project for peace” seems to be more like a project for a socialist and communist global government initiative. Furthermore, the attacks on unarmed civilian protesters are proving to those very protesters that France, and Europe as a whole, is more of an authoritarian regime, than about peace.

Now, as protests seem to be growing, the mere numbers of protesters is swelling exponentially.  Combine that with the fact that French President Emmanuel Macron has hit a 23% approval rating, the unpopular elitist President has scrapped his astronomically high gas tax, and he has agreed to meet with labor groups on Monday, and then address his nation on Monday night. Reports indicate that he will announce “immediate and concrete measures”, as he seeks to find a way to end the crisis. At this point, it is reaching the boiling point, but now only time will tell whether this crisis can be averted, or if it is just warming up.