By: Brian Evans

After nearly two years of the Trump Administration throwing their support behind the law enforcement, pushing for border security, arresting and deporting the ruthless MS-13 gang members from Central America, and various other pro-law enforcement initiatives, the United States is projected to see the single largest drop in a half-decade, according to Jeff Asher, who is America’s leading crime analyst. Asher is projecting that the 2018 murder rate will be the single biggest yearly drop in the last five years, and not only in major crime-ridden cities like Chicago, and Baltimore but throughout the United States as a whole.

This drop in crime is welcomed news, as President Trump, and his Administration has worked tirelessly to try to make a dent in the growing criminal activity throughout America. For example, between 2014 and 2016, the murder rate rose almost 25 percent across the country. Now, when you compare the current crime statistics to the same time last year, the murder rate is down about seven percent so far, and by the end of the year, the murder rate could be down an additional five percent this year. That would be the largest annual decline since 2013.

During his time as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions called the crime rate under the Obama Administration “a dangerous, permanent trend,” and he made reducing violent crime rates one of his top priorities. Should violent crimes continue the downward trend, not only will it reduce the 2018 murder rate to one-half the levels of the 1980s, but America could see some of the lowest crime rates in history. Also, combine the plummeting crime rate with a secure border, as well as a crackdown on illegals in the United States, and the Trump Administration could reduce the crime rate to what many thought to be un-attainable lows. In the end, it is a milestone that any Presidential Administration could take pride in, especially in a world that is growing more and more violent each year.