By: Brian Evans

As the 2016 election begins to fade into the history books, one thing has risen to the surface to expose blatant deception, and that has been the media. Don’t get me wrong, the media, especially the Mainstream Media has been openly biased against conservative causes, and the Republican party. However, since the election of President Donald Trump, the mainstream media began to act more like rabid animals, and some of the so-called conservative media took their former place on the world stage, with a moderate progressive platform agenda.

Now, the mainstream media has sunk to all-time lows in viewership, but it is the so-called conservative publications that have proven to be sheep in wolves clothing, that are now suffering the most. The reason behind their rock-bottom readership involves their ‘Global Elitist Progressive’ agenda that they promote, while calling themselves conservatives. Their anti-Trump, anti-MAGA, anti-Conservative agenda has shown its true colors since Donald Trump first ran for President, and it has turned off the only Americans who once read their deceptive articles…CONSERVATIVES!

One example of this type of deceptive and fake-ideological attack on conservatism involves “The Weekly Standard”, which is now slated for termination, as they are not expected to survive going into the new year. In fact, the news broke on CNN, when the magazine’s editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes announced the problems that the magazine was having, despite their attempted re-branding as a right leaning publication. However, most Americans didn’t buy it, as their one-sided anti-Trump agenda exposed their progressivism.

One of the editors from the Weekly Standard said…

“I don’t expect it to exist after December 14, 2018. There is no budget for it AT ALL.”

The ‘Weekly Standard” was founded in 1995 by Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol, and was owned by NewsCorp. In 2009, it was sold to Philip  Anschutz, but as circulation and readership diminished, especially in recent years, as Americans turned their back on them, in response to what they felt like the magazine did to them.

Rumors are now swirling as the end of its publication nears, that the Weekly Standard might be merged into the Washington Examiner, but there has been no confirmation of that. It could make sense, being that the Washington Examiner and the Weekly Standard are owned by the same parent company. One Washington Examiner employee said…

“They’re either closing or they’re folding into a page of the Washington Examiner.”

However, one of the Weekly Standards editors responded to the statement, and said…

“I don’t think ‘folded’ is the right word. It sounds more like get rid of us entirely.”

Ultimately, time will tell what the true fate of the paper will be, but one thing is for certain. The media, whether left or right-wing, progressive or conservative, socialist or capitalist, one thing will not prevail in America…FALSE PRETENSES! Americans are sick and tired of the media acting like they are something they are not, as they intentionally deceive and try to trick ‘We the People’. After all, if they do, we will certainly see more newspapers, network news stations, and magazines like ‘The Weekly Standard’ fold under the anger and frustration of the people.