By: Brian Evans

In recent years, the Democrat Party has had difficulties trying to win elections throughout America.  They have searched for explanations, but not so hard that they were able to see the truth. On Tuesday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) made the claim that she knew why.

On Tuesday, Senator Hirono said that Democrats have a hard time connecting with voters, because “they’re so smart”, meaning Democrats are too smart for the voters. In other words, instead of admitting that they are completely out of touch with mainstream America, Democrats continue to be clueless and arrogant, and flaunt their Elitist mentality

Sadly, Hirono isn’t alone in her belief of Democrats representing the Elitist class, while the mainstream Americans are considered crud, on the bottom of the Elitists shoes. Hillary Clinton called voters who didn’t support her “Deplorables”. Representatie James Clyburn (D-SC) even went on hardball with Chris Matthews and showed his Elitist mentality when he called those who support President Trump, and oppose their agenda “Ignoble”, or not of noble birth! He said…

  “You know, Chris, I think there’s a little thing we talk about a lot and it’s already been mentioned on the show. It’s one thing to have a base of support. It’s something else to have a base of supporters. Those are totally two different things. I beg to differ with those who say that this president is doing things to appeal to his base of support. No, he’s doing things to appeal to his base voters. Those people who are ignoble in their pursuit of stuff. And I would ask any of your listeners to look it up and you see a base voter is totally different from a base of voters. And that is what’s going on here. And so every time I hear them saying his base supporters, I think of the real meaning of a base supporter and the word, the best word I can think of is ignoble voters.”

Representative James Clyburn (D-SC)

Even the left-wing, pro-Democrat Mainstream Media considers ‘We the People’ ignorant, and not worthy. They made comments like…

“the America he’s (President Trump) glimpsed from the airport arrivals and his armored limousine is hardly a reflection of the nation as a whole. The president has mostly traveled to counties that are whiter, less educated, and have lower incomes than the rest of the United States.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

The AP points out that…

“Just 18.1 percent of the adults in Elko County, Nevada hold a college degree. That’s compared to 30.3 percent nationwide. Of the 43 places Trump is visiting, 28 have a below-average share of college graduates. Elko’s economy is unique because it relies on mining gold, instead of the office and health care jobs that often require a college diploma. The county has five active gold mines, according to the Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources. This makes it something of an outlier in country where mining metal ore accounts for 0.03 percent of all jobs.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

Big Tech Elitists have joined in by stating…

“no educated person wants to live in a s***hole with stupid people.”

Silicone Valley Executives

Hollywood is no different, because actor Tarran Killam said

“Rural = Stupid”

Tarran Killam, Hollywood Actor

Then, after a backlash, he corrected his comment to read…

🇺🇸 Taran “VOTER” Killam 🇺🇸


Sorry, sorry, sorry. Certainly a flippant comment made in jest. Allow me to be sincerely clear. Vote 4 Trump = I think you’re stupid.

Joy Reid


This is the core threat to our democracy. The rural minority — the people @JYSexton just wrote a long thread about — have and will continue to have disproportionate power over the urban majority.

Kyle Griffin


By 2040, about 70% of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states. They will have only 30 senators representing them, while the remaining 30% of Americans will have 70 senators representing them. 

However, regardless of their repulsive and offensive insinuations, the President does appeal to the lower-income Americans, because the actions that he has taken as President of the United States has led to the robust economy, more money in Americans pockets, and the unprecedented unemployment levels. As a result, it has led American consumer confidence to hit record highs, as the American economy grew to unprecedented levels in every quarter. In fact, since President Trump was sworn in as President in 2016, he has helped the poor, and non-college educated class the most. In fact, President Trump’s policies have led once again to a growing middle class with on-average $2,500 more in the pockets of the poor and middle classes. Also, it has led to a shrinking lower class, and growing middle class, as he has created an economy that has put more money back in the pockets of lower-income Americans. It has also led to the American GDP to debt ratio to fall, and now, the President is even proposing another massive tax cut for Middle Class families.

Also, the Presidents reduced regulations, amazing trade deals and economic policies have proven to be the defining principles that are largely responsible for the incredible unemployment rates, rocketing markets, and increased standard of living for the average American.

In recent months, Americans have witnessed, and have begun to believe in President Trump’s policies, as he has worked day and night to help families get jobs, put food on their tables, shrink their debt, and grow savings. Therefore, the Washington D.C. Elitists like Hirono may believe that they are geniuses, and ‘We the People’ are not worthy of their time, but it is actually the American people who are proving to be the wise ones, as we elected a President who is willing to put the needs of the average working class American, over the desires of the elitist ruling class in D.C..