By: Brian Evans

As the battle for the security of our borders heats up between the Trump Administration and the Open-border Progressive advocates, yet another tragedy has struck another American town, as six members of the Central American illegal alien MS-13 gang are accused of butchering a Massachusetts teenager with a knife as if they were “chopping wood.”

The Boston Herald reported that the gang members were charged with racketeering in a Boston federal courtroom on Wednesday, due to the August 2’nd slaying of 17-year-old Herson Rivas. Court documents reveal that the teen boy was stabbed “with such force his knife became warped during the attack.

Prosecuters believe that many of the attackers were MS-13 illegal alien gang members, who murdered the teen for cooperating with the police. They young boys body was found in a suburb about four miles outside of Boston, in a heavily wooded area.

In addition, three of the suspects convinced immigration authorities to release them, and Henri Salvador Gutierrez, a 19 year old El Salvadorean national, had previously evaded deportation for a murder, because a judge was convinced that he was not involved in the gang, or a threat to public safety.

United States Attorney Andrew Lelling stated

“MS-13 is a ruthless, transnational gang operating in our backyard. This group routinely commits senseless acts of violence, including murder, to maintain control and instill fear.”

Fortunately, all six MS-13 gang members are now in custody, and are being charged, and waiting to face charges in federal court. If they are found guilty, they could face life in prison, but unfortunately it is too late for 17 year-old Herson Rivas. Also, one thing is for sure…President Trump was right, and the MS-13 gang members ‘ARE ANIMALS’!

All of the suspects are in custody on state charges or detained by federal immigration officials, waiting to answer to their charges in federal court.