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Migrant Caravan In Tijuana Being Moved To New Location Due To ‘Living Conditions’, And Ramped Disease

By: Brian Evans

On Saturday, reports coming from the border indicated that the organizers of the migrant caravan on the southern border of the United States were planning yet another mass run on the border. However, the caravan migrants refused to follow the directions of the organizers, as they say, that the left-wing open borders organizers were dishonest to them and that they have endangered their lives.

Now, as the migrants in the caravan have hunkered down in shelters, they are living in horrendous conditions, as they have trashed their camp with trash and filth to the point that it is unlivable, and causing serious health issues like respiratory problems to thrive and spread.

Now, as one-third of the 6,000 migrants residing in Tijuana are being treated for health issues, Mexican authorities have officially shut down the now filth-ridden sports complex that they allowed the migrants to bed down in. In fact, they have moved them to a government-run facility that is located further away from the border.

The Mexican authorities were also concerned as the numbers were growing, as Hondurans continue to flow in from the multiple caravans organized by open-border advocates, who promised the migrants entry into the United States, jobs, and financial assistance.

The Tijuana health department cited “bad sanitary conditions” and rampant disease, as the reasons for closing the former shelter. They were especially concerned with the fact that of 2,267 migrants who have been treated, 60% have been diagnosed with respiratory infections, 3 with tuberculosis, 4 with HIV, 101 with lice, and 4 cases of chicken pox. Also, hepatitis is a major concern, prompting Mexican health officials to move them to a new location, where someone can help clean up after them.

Tijuana’s Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum called the migrant caravan a “humanitarian crisis,” and called for federal assistance to help fund the migrants. He said…

“I’m not going to break public services to solve this problem.”

In the meantime, as immigration judges are working around the clock to process asylum cases, so they can get as fast of a response to the migrants as possible, the Trump Administration is working to appeal the judicial activist judge Jon Tigar’s decision, who had put a stop to the Justice Departments ban on asylum cases… if the immigrants chose to break the law and come across the border illegally. The Trump Administration said that to cross the border and claim asylum, immigrants had to do it through legal means and at a port of entry.

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