By: Brian Evans

Yesterday,  Mainstream Media organizations like Reuters were circulating a picture of a woman  with barefoot children running from the US border, as teargas canisters were launched around them. In fact, the Guardian headline stated that…

American border officers have thrown gas canisters at dozens of people – including women and children

The Guardian

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However after further review, yesterday’s ‘horrific’ picture of a woman with barefoot children running from the US border wall was a hoax. In the background of the picture a group of men are posing for one camera man and another is running towards another camera man. In other areas, people are just standing around. The woman with the children was just a photo-op.

Below, the camera crews were caught posing as migrants fleeing from the border patrols tear gas. However, there was one problem. The so-called migrants had CAMERAS, as the photo was staged…

Also, the Border Patrol reported that they saw the caravan organizers purposely forcing women and children to the front lines, just before launching projectiles like rocks at their agents. He said…

What I find unconscionable was that people would purposely take children into this situation.

Border Patrol

Meanwhile, it wasn’t only the Mainstream Media who tried to deceive the American people through lies and distortions. In fact, Fox News revealed how Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz deleted a tweet suggesting ‘chemical weapons’ were used at the US-Mexico border.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, ultimately deleted his questionable tweet about tear gas at the U.S-Mexico border.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, ultimately deleted his questionable tweet about tear gas at the U.S-Mexico border. (AP, File)

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI), tweeted Sunday that the border patrol was using ‘chemical weapons’ against the Central American migrants in the caravan, who attempted to enter the U.S. illegally by squeezing through gaps in the fence, climing the wall, and penetrating other areas of the border. Also, they attacked Mexican and American authorities with projectiles. Senator Schatz also added that it may have been a violation of international agreements governing the use of chemical weapons.

Senator Schatz also said that…

“Tear gas across the border against unarmed families is a new low,” followed by “Who gave the order? Did it implement or contravene policy?”, and again “WHO GAVE THE ORDER?”

Schatz then asked: “Why tear gas? Is this consistent with the Conventions on Chemical Weapons?” Sadly, he mis-characterizes tear gas as a chemical weapons attack, perpetrated by the border patrol.

However, the tweet was posted for just a few minutes, and then deleted and replaced with…

“Anyone uncomfortable with spraying tear gas on children is welcome to join the coalition of the moral and the sane. We can argue about other stuff when we’ve got our country back.”

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI)

Brian Schatz


Then, after being confronted on his insanely wreckless comments, Senator Schatz replied…

Brian Schatz


I went ahead and deleted the one about chemical weapons because I just don’t know enough about what happened. Does this not strike you as excessive?


Also, Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made irreprehensible comments of comparing the migrants being denied entry into the United States to Jewish families fleeing the German Holocaust.

In the end, the Mainstream Media, Democrats, Globalists, and their One-World Elitists will stop at nothing to exploit the weak, and try to demonize anyone who stands in the way of their globalist and socialist agenda, especially President Trump. Therefore, this incident is simply just another reminder of not only how far the Democrats and their allies will go to further their agenda, but it highlights their goal of open borders. After all, if the borders are closed, the democrats will lose one of their largest get out the vote groups available to them, as they push to allow illegals in, get them on welfare and food stamps, fight to allow them to vote by demonizing voter id laws, and demand that all residents in the United States, legal and illegal, be able to vote, not just Americans.