By: Brian Evans

In his efforts to try to yet again slam the President, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) inadvertently made the point for President Trump, while both praising and criticizing Chief Justice John Roberts over the feud over President Trump’s “Obama judges” comment. Senator Schumer said…

Chuck Schumer


Irnoically, ‘Judicial Activism’ has become a growing problem in not only the lower courts, but all the way up to the Supreme Court, and now as the Senate’s top democrat tried to use the moment to embrace ‘Judicial Activism’ and side with Chief Justice Roberts. However, he did quite the opposite, as he attacked Chief Justice Roberts decisions as…

“partisan decisions, which seem highly political on Citizens United, Janus, and Shelby.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

However, he didn’t stop there! In the same tweet, Schumer said…

Therefore, as he says he is thankful for his fighting for an independent judiciary, he says Roberts is almost alone among REPUBLICANS in standing up to President Trump! In effect, Schumer issues a two-sided response, and both thanks Chief Justice Roberts for standing up to the President for an independent judiciary, yet NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE CALLS THE JUDICIARY PARTISAN, INCLUDING THE SUPREME COURT ITSELF!

In all, the judiciary has become politicized and far from independent. Chief Justice John Roberts may criticize the President for his criticisms of fellow members of his judiciary, but Roberts would do good to look at the record of his fellow judges, justices, and even his own record. The Chief Justice would do good to look at the countless acts of Democrats using the judiciary as a weapon to violate the separation of powers, and upend a duly elected leader of the United States. Furthermore, for Chief Justice John Roberts to make such an outlandish attack on the President, for simply pointing out how some judges base their decisions on opinion, rather than constitutional law, it is shameful. Especially, when he has refused to repudiate those within his own branch of government, who wrongfully attack the Presidents refreshingly honest assessment of ‘judicial activism’, and the ‘weaponization of the judicial branch’ by leaders like Chuck Schumer, and his fellow Progressive-Socialists in the Democrat Party. After all, the Chief Justice is attacking the President for simply pointing out their wrongdoing, while judges and justices, including Roberts himself, have unconstitutionally legislated from the bench, thus violating their oath of office, and the Constitution of the United States. Now, Senator Schumer in trying to desperately slam and paint the President in a bad light, in effect inadvertently making the case for President Trump’s war for a TRULY INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY with Constitutional Originalist judges who base their decisions on the words of the Constitution, and not Judicial Activists who legislate from the bench..