By: Brian Evans

As next Tuesday’s Mississippi Senate runoff election draws ever-closer, Democrats have worked to try to paint Cyndi Hyde-Smith as a ‘racist’ in their efforts to turn a traditionally red seat blue. In fact, the Democrats are using a clip of Cindy Hyde-Smith, where she used the words “public hanging” at a campaign stop in Tupelo, and then declaring her a racist. They are publicly claiming that the fact she was using ‘public hanging’ terminology, she is racist, since it was used during the slavery days to execute blacks. However, public hangings, along with countless other ways to execute violent criminal offenders within the state of Mississippi, and throughout the nation hasn’t been solely isolated to racist hangings in the early days of the United States. The chart below shows the total number of executions that took place since the 1700’s in the United States, and more than half  of those executions were executed by public hanging. Also, the majority of hangings were not based on the color of ones skin, but rather on the ‘content of their character’, which was violent, and evil criminal actions committed by violent criminals.Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 10.50.55 AM.pngThat is not to say that public hangings of blacks didn’t occur due to racism during and post slavery days, but so did wrongful shootings, and the unjustified incarcerations of blacks or other minorities. However, that doesn’t make locking someone up who is convicted of a crime wrong, or the police shooting an armed intruder in a school or bank wrong either. Regardless, Democrats and their pro-socialist and communist one-world elitist allies will continue to try to paint their opponents like Cindy Hyde-Smith as racist and demonize them.

Meanwhile,  the Democrats remain silent on the emerging wrong-doing and injustices that pervade their own party and candidates. Candidates like Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Democrat opponent Mike Espy (D-MS), who has been dogged by ethical questions throughout the entirety of his political career.

Epsy had served as the agricultural secretary under President Bill Clinton, until he resigned in October 1994 due to him allegedly receiving improper gifts. He was also indicted on 30 related felony charges in August 1997, but was acquitted on all charges in December of the following year, not because he was innocent, but the jury could not determine if he had criminal intent. Following his acquittal, the (OIC) Office of Independent Counsel investigation…

“revealed a pervasive pattern of improper behavior by Secretary Espy and his top aide, and by persons and companies regulated by or with business before the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).”

Office of Independent Counsel (OIC)

Also, they determined in the OIC’s January 2001 report that…

“The investigation disclosed that, among other offenses, companies with financially important matters pending before USDA gave Secretary Espy – either directly or via members of his family or his girlfriend – numerous gifts in an effort to garner his favor.”

Office of Independent Counsel (OIC)

The Washington Post reported

“Meanwhile in March 1998, as Espy was able to escape the federal penn, his chief of staff at the USDA, Ronald H. Blackley was consequently sentenced to 27 months in prison for “lying about $22,000 he received from two Mississippi individuals who obtained large government farming subsidies.”

Washington Post

Also, Espy is under fire for his lobbying work for the Ivory Coast. That is because during his time working with the firm, its then-president, Laurent Gbagbo, is currently on trial before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

In 2011, Espy claimed that he stopped lobbying for Gbagbo’s government less than a month after taking a three-month contract. In addition, he said that during that time, he only received only $400,000 of the $750,000 contract, giving up the remaining $350,000.

However, a November 15th report from Fox News contradicts his claim. It reveals that Espy signed a Foreign Agents Registration Act Supplemental Statement in 2011, and filed it with the Department of Justice, showing that he worked for Gbagbo’s government for longer than two months and that he was paid the full $750,000.

Therefore, while the Democrats try to run a smear campaign against Cyndi Hyde-Smith, and wrongfuly twist her words, they are covering up the true crimes committed by their own candidate, Mike Espy, who has a long and well-documented record of personal, ethical, and political corruption. In the end, they don’t care about right or wrong, only about promoting their ideology, regardless of what lives they have to shatter, or ethical morality they have to side-step. In their eyes, it isn’t about how you win the game, only about who wins.