By: Brian Evans

As Congressional House Democrats are set to take power in Washington, they are already setting up their agenda for the next two years. It will not be an agenda to help figure out how to help the lives of their constituents. They are not setting out to solve how to lower the cost of prescription drugs, solve the border crisis, or fix the healthcare debacle that Obamacare created. Instead, they have set out their agenda to investigate President Trump, his Administration, and the agenda that he was elected to implement in 2016.

The Democrats are looking to launch at least 85 investigations into President Trump and high-ranking officials, in order to use their new-found power in the House to investigate, subpoena, investigate more, and launch one of the largest and most massive series of governmental investigations, in their effort to stall and upend virtually every aspect of President Trumps Agenda, and his Administration.

Now, as they are preparing to take over, House Democrats are planning to “immediately” investigate the reason President Donald Trump wants American citizens counted on the upcoming 2020 Census.

What is known, is the fact that the Trump Administration revealed that they were planning to re-add the citizenship question to the 2020 census, because without it being on the census, it made it impossible for the federal government to know the actual size of the citizen population, in comparison to the immigrant population, whether it be legal and illegal.

In March, President Trump’s administration announced they would put the citizenship question back on the census, which had been on and off the census over the decades. At times, residents living in the United States have been counted on the census but have not been asked whether or not they are American citizens, making it impossible for the federal government to know the size of the citizen population versus the immigrant population. The following is the history of both the census, in regards to the citizenship and birthplace question on the census, since the inception of America.

Questions Included on
Decennial Census, 1790-2020

Birthplace? Citizenship?
No No
No Yes
1840 No No
but free inhabitants only
1870 Yes Yes,
but asked only of men 21 or older
1880 Yes No
Yes Yes
1960 Yes,
but 25% sample only
1970 Yes,
but 20% sample only
but 5% sample only
but 1/6 sample only
but 1/6 sample only
2000 Yes,
but 1/6 sample only;
also asked in first annual ACS
but 1/6 sample only;
also asked in first annual ACS
2010 No,
but asked in annual ACS (~3% sample)
but asked in annual ACS (~3% sample)
2020 No,
but to be asked in annual ACS (~3% sample)
also to be asked in annual ACS (~3% sample)

The history of the Census Bureau’s birthplace and citizenship question shows that although neither question was included in the orignial census of the 1700s, they were added into the census from 1820 to 1840. Then until 2010, under the leadership of Barack Obama, both the birthplace and citizenship questions remained on the census, in full, or as a percentage of the population, except during the 1880’s, when the citizenship question was removed.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach pointed out that

the citizenship question on the census is necessary to further implement congressional apportionment based on the citizen population rather than the current rules that base state representation on the total population — including citizens, illegal alien residents, legal immigrants, and non-immigrants on visas.

After the Trump administration recently restored the citizenship question to the full decennial census, starting in 2020, Democrats cried foul, and tried to pull the ‘race card’ yet again, as they said the question would make a number of non-American citizens or illegals, not want to fill it out.

However, in the past, one of the few reasons for concern about Americans not filling out the census, it was typically due to periods where the government had made the census forms long, detailed, and burdensome for the people to fill out, as well as time-consuming and costly for the government to print. The long form census ended in 2000, and the American  Community Survey (ACS) simply started a survey of 3% or subset of the population, rather than asking the entire population. It saved time and money, but as the 2016 and 2018 elections have proven, surveys are not entirely accurate, or reliable.

In 2010, under the Obama Administration, the census pulled the citizenship question off, in its entirety, because it allowed them to gain seats in the House, as they have massive foreign populations in California, Florida, New York, and other prominently Democrat areas. In addition, it would likely add representation to the heartland, giving a boost to Republicans. But isn’t the House of Representatives supposed to represent ‘We the People’, or is it supposed to represent ANYONE, American or non-American, foreign or domestic, who happens to reside in the United States? Although the question should be obvious, Democrats try to blur the lines between constitutional and un-constitutional, rational and irrational, logical and illogical. That is one of the primary reasons that Democrats throughout America are fighting yet another initiative that President Trump is implementing, regardless of it being the right thing to do.

In other words, by not including the citizenship question on the census, Democrats are able to count large non-citizen populations on the coastal areas and cities as part of the nations re-districting, and thereby give Democrats more representation in the House of Representatives. Therefore, it leaves the House of Representatives, where they represent not only Americans, but non-Americans, which is a complete violation of the constitution. Also, it shifts power away from the central United States, and re-distributes that power along the coastal areas and cities.

Now, in an effort to correct the wrongs, the Trump Administration is simply going to do the right thing, and restoring the most important question on the census, which asks about United States citizenship. The Democrat response to what seems logical…. is to be illogical and INVESTIGATE!

In what seems to be obvious, Democrats fear yet another loss of power, as power would shift from the non-citizen population, to only the United States citizen populations. That would shift the growing and excessive power from the coastal states, and return it back to middle America. That is why Democrats like Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD), who will chair the House Oversight committee told Reuters that he will investigate why the Trump administration has put the citizenship question back on the 2020 Census. He said…

“There are certain things that mandate that we look at immediately. One of them is the census because that’s right around the corner.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Chair of House Oversight Committee

He added that the Democrats must…

“figure out why [the citizenship question is] there, because to be very frank with you, we have been told some untruths.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Chair of House Oversight Committee

In the end, Cummings and his fellow Democrats have been using the census to steal representation from the heart of America’s working class, and amassing power in the East and West coast, as well as cities throughout America. It is yet another strategy that the DNC has employed to steal power, at the cost of ‘We the People’. Already in elections, Democrats have been working to water-down votes from America’s citizenry by refusing to allow voter id laws. It has allowed voter fraud and non-American illegal voter fraud to not only remain, but to flourish. After all, in America, the population has to have identification to vote, get Medicaid, buy cigarettes and alcohol, get into stadiums, use credit cards, and countless other daily tasks. However, Democrats claim it is ‘discrimination’ to require voters to show an identification of some sort to vote. Now, the citizenship question is yet another method that they have been using to steal the American voices not only throughout America, but especially in the most conservative corners of our nation…THE HEARTLAND!