By: Brian Evans

Mexican authorities have been warning the United States for weeks about the incoming migrant caravans that have been headed towards the United States. They reported that some within the caravans have built homemade incendiary devices like molotov cocktails, and launched them at Mexican authorities. According to Guatemalan and Mexican authorities, there have been elements within the caravan that include the terror group ISIS, the violent MS-13 gang, human child traffickers, and drug cartels. As a result, there have been kidnappings of caravan members, attacks of mexican authorities and federal police officers by rocks and gunshots, and a multitude of other criminal activities within the caravan including the tearing down of border fencing and molotov cocktails thrown.

The Mexican government offered the caravan members an opportunity to receive temporary employment, state-funded healthcare and education, and shelter, but the majority of the caravan members refused the offer, and continued to head towards the United States.

In the meantime, Democrats and the Mainstream Media called the caravan a political stunt by the White House and tried to claim that the caravan didn’t exist, while other leftists said that the caravan is composed of families desperate for work and humanitarian relief. However, there is a problem with their claim, being more than 80% of the caravan members being working age men, and just a small fraction of the caravan members being women and children. Also, the caravan was offered food, medical care, water, jobs, and shelter by the Mexican authorities. However, they turned it down. If they were truly desperate, they would take the assistance, BUT THE DIDN’T! Instead, they have continued to wreak havoc, as they continued to move towards the United States.

The caravan has also had help from open-border organizations who have assisted the caravan members to have access to food, water, and other needs, as they came from Central America through Mexico, until they arrived at the United States border. In fact, the caravan members even had the assistance of busing through Mexico, which sped their trip to the border tremendously.

Not only have the open-borders groups helped the caravan members to travel north, but they helped them file a class action lawsuit, in Washington’s U.S. District Court that alleges that President Trump has violated their Constitutional Rights, which they don’t even have, since they are not Americans, nor are they on United States soil. Regardless, the suit asks the court to declare President Trump’s policies to secure the border unconstitutional. The suit declares that some are not aware of the “well-documented human rights crisis” in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and they say they have been denied access to the Administrative Procedure Act and the Declaratory Judgement Act, regardless of the fact that they have not even reached the border of the United States. The suit even goes to the extreme, and claims that President Trump has been using “fear and hysteria” tactics, to affect public opinion, and specifically pointed to the violent MS-13 gang members and other criminal elements within their caravan, which is an incredible understatement, considering the facts.

Amazingly, but not surprising, is the fact that the Democrats were silent on the caravan during the Midterm elections, as most Americans are in favor of border security, and they see it being the responsibility of our federal government to perform one of the most basic functions that our Founding Fathers envisioned…national sovereignty by protecting our nations borders, and to protect and provide safety for ALL AMERICANS!

Still, Democrats have effectively blocked the Presidents ability to fully construct a border wall, which would make the caravan a moot point and problem for the United States. However, since the Democrats have refused to do their jobs to protect our nations borders, President Trump has deployed nearly 15,000 thousand American soldiers to assist the border patrol with logistics, setting up bases, hospitals, and razor wire to help sure-up the Mexico/US border, and protect ‘We the People’ of these United States of America.

Even now, President Trump is continuing his fight to make America Safe Again, fighting for our Constitution, and the American people. He is ending chain migration, the visa lottery, and ‘birthright’ citizenship, which was never intended to include illegal-aliens, or foreign nationals. In addition, he is setting up shelters to house illegals that slip through the border, until they can be deported back to their country. He is fighting to have a wall built, so we can end this charade with caravans, violent MS-13 gang members, drug traffickers, violent criminals, and others who refuse to respect America’s constitution and laws. In a nutshell, not only is the President ‘Making America Great Again’, but he is Making America Safe Again’, by putting America and Americans First!

However, without the wall built, our nations border will continue to be porous, despite what efforts the President implements. We cannot keep thousands of troops at the border indefinitely. Therefore, we MUST HAVE A WALL to secure it. But today, since we don’t have a wall, the migrants continue to forge ahead to try to penetrate the United States…

Now, it hasn’t only become a problem for the United States, but the Tijuana, Mexico mayor, Juan Manuel Gastelum has denounced the caravan of migrants, as they have escalated criminal activity in the city. Consequently, in an interview with Milenio Television, the mayor is calling for a quick deportation of the migrants. Mayor Gastelum has described the caravan of migrants as a “horde”, which is infiltrated by criminals that are now threatening their community. He said…

“Tijuana is a city of immigrants, but we don’t want them in this way,” the mayor, a member of the conservative National Action Party, said. “It was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order. It wasn’t a horde, pardon the expression. You’re going to tell me we have to respect human rights,” he said. “But human rights are for law-abiding humans.”

Juan Manuel Gastelum, Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico

The Mayor’s comments came, following Tijuana residents increasing frustration with the thousands of migrants who have wreaked havoc, chaos, and crime throughout the city. Especially since thousands more expected in the coming weeks. Ironically, Tijuana had previously hosted a migrant caravan group in April, and as word spread, caravans are now using the Mexican city as a main stop, in their quest for the United States. Furthermore, as President Trump has had the military reinforce the border wall with concertina wire at the top, the migrants are setting up camp on the south side of the border wall.

Now, as crime is increasing, Tijuana residents have had clashes with the caravan members, and threw rocks at them, as they shouted anti-immigrant slogans, and tossed rocks. Even the Mexican police refused to intercede, as they have become frustrated with the problems brought on by the caravan members, and they fear that the migrants will be there to stay, as the United States has so-far effectively blocked their passage into the United States.

A U.S. Marine sets up a barricade with concertina wire, at the border between Mexico and the U.S., in preparation for the arrival of migrants, in Tijuana, Mexico November 13, 2018. REUTERS/Jorge Duenes

A U.S. Marine sets up a barricade with concertina wire, at the border between Mexico and the U.S., in preparation for the arrival of migrants, in Tijuana, Mexico November 13, 2018. REUTERS/Jorge Duenes

The waiting list is likely to get longer, as President Trump’s latest Executive Order forces those who seek to immigrate and to claim asylum, must do so through the legal points of entry, and not by illegal crossings. After all, anyone caught crossing the border illegally is now ineligible for asylum protections. Therefore, they must enter through the legal points of entry to have their claims heard. As a result, it will greatly reduce the number of illegals who try to cross into the United States illegally, and streamline those claims through the ports of entry.