By: Brian Evans

On November 13, 2018, the New York Times Editorial Board released the article titled…

Editorial Board, New York Times

The NYT’s article speculates on the relationship between the relationship between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and the United States, especially President Trump

The Times states paints a picture that Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans are playing a shell game with their nuclear ambitions, and leads the readers to believe that the Presidents optimism and successes with the regime are falsehoods. The NY Times claims that President Trump and Kim Jong Un had a misunderstanding as to why they were each at the negotiating table in June, when the two made their joint statement. The NY Times states that…

“The trouble is that Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim had totally opposite views of what the joint statement was supposed to mean. Mr. Trump apparently believed that American sanctions, plus his threats (“fire and fury”) and his irresistible persona, had driven Mr. Kim to abandon his nuclear aspirations. Mr. Kim apparently believed that approaching the capacity to strike the United States had compelled Mr. Trump to agree to lift sanctions in exchange for a gradual stand-down of the North’s program.”

NY Times

However, within the article, it is glaringly obvious of the anti-Trump bias that the NY Times editorial board uses in their article, and they fail to not only admit the successes that the Administration has had in dealing with Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans, but they incorrectly cited the true reasons that the meeting came about. They chalk it up to the Presidents threats of “fire and fury” and his “irresistable persona”, but it was more than that.

They fail to note how for the first time in history, America’s North Korean Policy has not only changed, but it changed dramatically under this Administration. President Trump ended America’s bribery and payoff plan, where former Administrations tried to buy North Korean cooperation. Also, we have finally abandoned the United Nations strategy of doing very little to enforce sanctions, or force North Korean cooperation. As a result, the out of control, and volatile nation has been forced by President Trump to become more cooperative, or face dire consequences for their defiance. In fact, President Trump took a hardline approach to the  rogue state. He has attacked North Korea from every angle. Yes, President Trump has attacked North Korea with fiery rhetoric as the New York Times suggests, but he has made North Korea one of America’s top national security issues. President Trump used massive sanctions to put a strangle-hold on North Korea’s ability to survive, let alone lauch an assault against South Korea, Japan, or the United States. In effect, President Trump reversed course, and caught the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un off guard. In fact, when Kim Jong Un refused to halt his missile launch tests, President Trump responded with, as the NY Times likes to put it…even greater threats of “fire and fury.”

President Trump’s second wave of attacks involved sending massive military forces to South Korea, Japan, and the surrounding countries. The President’s show of “American military might,” along with arming of South Korea, Japan, and other countries with anti-missile systems, further created a fear throughout North Korea, that any attempt by Kim Jong Un to launch any form of missile with the intent to attack the United States, or our allies, would be met with “fire and fury,” and would result in America and our allies wiping North Korea off of the map. Then in November, the President further stepped up his attacks against North Korea, when he stood in front of the United Nations and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if it became necessary, as a last resort. It was a move that none of his predecessors were willing to do, likely for fear of political fallout. However, President Trump is a President unlike any other. He is, and has been willing to do ‘whatever necessary,’ to protect America and Americans, despite potential political fallout. In fact, President Trump is one of the few Presidents in modern American history to be willing to risk his position, in order to do what is best for America. Also, President Trump’s rebuke of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and the president’s open flirtation with nuclear war, pushed the International community toward action as well. For example, President Trump has negotiated and put pressure on countries like China, who have in the past, refused to apply pressure on North Korea. Once again, the President’s incredible negotiation skills paid off, and brought not only North Korea’s enemies to apply immense pressure on the rogue regime, causing their biggest ally China to put their own pressure on North Korea to end its apocalyptic endeavors. With China being responsible for 90% of its trade, it created virtually unbearable pressure on the radical North Korean regime, and especially on Kim Jung Un. No President in history has been able to get such incredible cooperation from China, until President Trump!

Then on May 10, 2018, the Obama Administration’s CIA Director John Brennan went on MSNBC to say that Kim Jong Un was ”masterful”, and said that Kim Jong Un had “Duped” President Trump. He slammed the President’s tactics, made it sound like North Korea had accelerated its nuclear program under President Trump, and said that President Trump had led the world to a point where we have a 25% chance of nuclear war, and less than a 0.1% chance of North Korean denuclearizing.

Regardless, the Mainstream Media, former Obama officials like John Brennan, and Democrats continued to attack the Presidents successes with Kim Jong Un, and wrote him off as false and idiotic.

However, as the North Koreans began to reconcile with the United States, even many of President Trump’s most ardent critics had begun to admit that the President’s negotiating skills are to be credited for the success with Kim. Even far left Progressive critics like former Obama Administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ that…

“In some ways, Kim Jong-un may have met his match here with our very unconventional president” 

James Clapper, Former DNI

Ironically, much of the President’s success in dealing with North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un has to do with Trump’s negotiating skills, and his ‘Art of the Deal’, which was a 1987 book written by Trump himself. It was a #1 bestseller, and showcases some of his major strategies that he utilizes today. In fact, it could be said that he utilizes them in the White House in dealing with the press, elections, foreign leaders, and yes…Kim Jong Un.

Trump always likes to ‘think big, maximize his options, know his market,  know who he is going against, and use leverage to get a deal done. With North Korea, President Trump has gone big, used his and allied leverage, and seems to be squarely in the driver’s seat. Also, President Trump believes that you should get the word out, and use the media. He said…

“One thing I’ve learned about the press is that they’re always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational the better…The point is that if you are a little different, a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you.”

Donald J. Trump

Also in ‘Art of the Deal’, President Trump stated that you have to fight back. He said…

“In most cases I’m very easy to get along with. I’m very good to people who are good to me. But when people treat me badly or unfairly or try to take advantage of me, my general attitude, all my life, has been to fight back very hard.”

Donald J. Trump

The President said in his book that you have to “Deliver the goods”. He stated that…

“You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.”

Donald J. Trump

Finally, Trump said that you must have fun. He stated…

“Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.”

Donald J. Trump

Interestingly, the President has fun doing what others believe to be a rigorous and thankless job. The President has utilized twitter to ‘get out the word’, and as a tool to negotiate and handle his opponents. The Mainstream Media, Democrats, Hollywood, foreign oppositional leaders, and Establishment Rino’s struggle to find a way to combat his calculated and skilled approach in dealing with them. The President has also proven himself to be a fighter. A fighter in elections. A fighter against the barrage of Mainstream Media attacks. A fighter against the One-World Elitists. A Fighter against the attacks coming from so many places within the United States and abroad. Places like North Korea, where Kim Jong Un, who until now, has been in complete control of any so-called negotiations and deals with the United Nations and political leadership around the world. Like all who have come before, Kim Jong Un has lost that control to President Trump. He doesn’t know how to deal with a President who is just as skilled at negotiations outside the boardroom, as he is inside the boardroom. And there is only one thing that President Trump enjoys more than the fun of negotiations, he enjoys winning the most! Only now, President Trump is not simply winning for himself, or even winning for America. He is winning for the world, as he showcases his abilities to make the world a little safer in the ‘Art of the North Korean Deal‘.

Now, as the anti-Trump Mainstream Media has found that the President is proving to be a proven match, they are trying to make it appear as if his successes as President are not real. As a result, like the Washington Post, CNN, and other Mainstream outlets who have vowed to destroy the President, the New York Times released an article that appears to be full of falsehoods and fiction. Now, since the New York Times’ article released, the United States State Department has issued a statement that refutes not one, but multiple claims that were apparently carelessly made by the New York Times editorial board about North Korean nuclear program. In fact, many of the claims that they put forward to back up their claims about deteriorating relations between the United States and North Korea, are now being disputed by the United States State Department.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said…

“The New York Times editorial is misleading and contains numerous factual inaccuracies, some of which are contradicted by the paper’s own reporting.”

Heather Nauert, State Department Spokeswoman

Furthermore, the State Department points out that although the New York Times claims that nothing substantial has changed between the US and North Korea is false, because after the meeting between President Trump, and Kim Jong Un, North Korea freed three Korean American hostages and returned the remains of dozens of fallen U.S. soldiers.

Also, the Times claimed that…

“Mr. Kim’s envoy skipped a scheduled meeting with Mr. Pompeo last week.”

New York Times Editorial Board

The New York Times was also forced to issue a correction over their claim that the Presidents envoy to North Korea, Stephen Biegun has yet to meet with the North Korean officials, as they backtracked their claim by stating…

“An earlier version of this editorial incorrectly said that President Trump’s special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, has yet to meet a North Korean official since his appointment. Mr. Biegun has met several senior North Korean officials, but he has not held working-level talks with his designated North Korean counterpart, the vice foreign minister Choe Son-hui.”

New York Times Editorial Board

Regardless, the Times continued to propagate ‘false narratives’, as it became evident that Biegun had not only met with North Koreas Foreign Ministrer Ri Yong Ho, but the Deputy Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department. Also, he met with Chairman Kim Jong Un, and his sister Kim Yo Jong as well.

Still even more false narratives poured from the paper, as they claimed that President Trump would lose the support of South Korea, Russia, and China, if the relationship with North Korea went south, and the President was forced to increase aggression. However, the President has garnered support from all of those nations, and countless others as well, regardless of what means that the President needs to employ. In fact, the chairman of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM), which includes over 50 countries voiced their support for the Presidents efforts in North Korea. They stated

“They welcomed recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, in particular the three inter-Korean Summits and the US-DPRK Summit. They supported the full and expeditious implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Joint Declaration, as well as of the Singapore Joint Statement by the United States and DPRK, which confirm the common goal of complete denuclearization and the establishment of a permanent peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.”

Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM)

In the end, the Mainstream Media will do anything to smear the President, tarnish his record, and force his supporters to waver. However, regardless of the President’s detractors, opponents, and the resistance, President Trump will continue to do what he was hired to do by the American people. He was hired to implemente his ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda, and the Progressive-Socialist left, along with their Mainstream Media propaganda machine will continue to strive to derail his efforts. The only problem with their plan…The American people are no longer snookered. They are no longer complacent or in the dark. Now, the majority of Americans know who is propagating the ‘Fake News’, and it isn’t the conservative media, but the mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, the Washington Post, and yes the New York Times.