By: Brian Evans

In recent years, America has had a growing segment of our population on the left, that has found anyone within our schools that doesn’t subscribe to an anti-American, radically socialist ideology, a cancer to be removed. This week has been no different, as a St. Louis substitute teacher by the name of Jim Furkin was fired for simply thanking his kids for standing during the pledge of allegiance. As a result of his act of giving thanks to students, one of the students took offense and filed a complaint, which led to Mr. Furkin losing his job.

KMOV reported:

A Missouri substitute teacher is seeking answers after claiming he was banned because he thanked students for saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jim Furkin worked as a sub for 10 years in St. Louis County’s Parkway School District and worked for 5 years as a sub at Parkway South High School.

Furkin told the school board Thursday that he was subbing in a freshman English class at South High in October. During the pledge, most, but not all, students stood.

Furkin says he thanked those who stood, and then afterwards ane student went to a counselor. An administrator told Furkin the student complained he had been “hurt” by Furkin’s comment.

Furkin told News 4 he did not understand why his comments cost him his substitute teaching position at South High.

“I’m thanking the kids who participates in it,” said Furkin, “But obviously in every single classroom you’re going to have a few that sit and that’s their right, I respect that.”

Jim Furkin addressed the school board this week after his firing. (VIDEO BELOW)


In today’s politically charged environment, combined with the socialists and communists political correctness, we have moved towards an environment where everything offends someone, including the thought of showing our nation and soldiers the respect they have earned. Sadly, this is yet another casualty in the war to preserve our nation, our republic, and our constitution, and a battle that is escalating to greater heights each day. However, IT IS A WAR that is WORTH THE FIGHT!