By: Brian Evans

In May, ABC announced that they were cancelling ‘Roseanne’ after Roseanne Barr fired off a tweet about Valerie Jarrett. However, their attack against one of the most popular sit-com comedians, left the show reeling from a viewer backlash, or should I say, new lack of viewers. 

ABC ended up re-booting the show, but renamed it ‘The Connors’, and killed off Roseanne with an alleged opioid overdose. Now, as a viewer revolt has sent the shows ratings spiraling out of control, ‘The Connors’ continues to plummet from their debut, which  was down 35% from the Roseanne opening debut.

Now, although the original ‘Roseanne’ show was set to rake in record profits for the network, the shows future is uncertain, as rumors of cancellation swirl around the network, as well as pay cuts for the actors and actresses who turned their back on Roseanne Barr.

Radar Online reported:

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf have learned Roseanne Barr‘s absence could have a dramatic effect on their wallets!

The Straight Shuter podcast reports The Conners is already in trouble without controversial comedian Barr around Opens. Ratings are decreasing every week, and the stars’ paychecks might soon follow suit.

With the sitcom’s ratings dropping to 7 million, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf “are too expensive to keep around,” a source told Straight Shuter. “They both earn $375,000 an episode, a number that was negotiated before the Roseanne scandal.”

“Now that the audience has disappeared along with the star, the only way to keep the show profitable is to ask both John and Laurie to take a pay cut,” the source noted.

But a decrease in the pair’s check sizes may not be enough to increase the chances the show will survive.

Now, as their ratings dive even deeper with each consecutive episode, only time will tell, as to the future of the show, or its cast. However, one thing is certain…ABC and other left-wing networks choice to destroy conservative stars in Hollywood, does not resonate well with the television viewers throughout America.