By: Brian Evans

On Friday, Republicans announced that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will be taking over Chuck Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee position. Also, Grassley will be taking over as Chairman of the Finance Committee. This will allow Lyndsey Graham, who has become a close ally of the Presidents, in charge of the Judicial nominations. Also, Graham had promised, that if he took over as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he would delve deeper into the FBI and their failure to properly investigate Hillary Clintons private email server. In fact, on Tuesday Graham told CNN that he would investigate the FBI’s handling of the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton’s botched email probe when he said…

“The oversight function will be very much front and center.”

Senator Lyndsey Graham (R-SC)

In all, the Republicans are setting up the Senate to focus on implementation of the Presidents policies and his ‘MAGA’ agenda, as the Democrats are setting up the House to impede his agenda. In all, a divided Congress could set up to make the next few years a contentious and heated period, as the ‘RESISTANCE’ vows to stop the progress of the Trump Administration, as well as the Senate.