By: Brian Evans

According to reports from Britain’s State Broadcasting Company, the United Kingdom and the European Union have struck a deal, as Theresa May has summoned her cabinet in her effort to get them on board with the agreement, before going public. According to reports, it indicated that senior British political figures met with May at her residence, as they discussed the recent deal.

The Sun media tabloid outlet also indicated that every member of the cabinet was scheduled to have a private meeting with May, so they could reveal the new deal to the full cabinet on Wednesday morning.

Interestingly, the announcement that an agreement was reached, came less than a day after reports indicated  that Michel Barnier, who is the European Union’s lead negotiator, tried to use underhanded methods to force Theresa May into a deal. However, May responded to the reports by stating…

“Overwhelmingly, the British people want us to get on with delivering Brexit, and I am determined to deliver for them. I want them to know that I will not compromise on what people voted for in the referendum. This will not be an agreement at any cost.”

Theresa May, British Prime Minister

Ultimately, the details contained within the Brexit deal are unknown, but those on the side of the pro-Brexit movement have expressed grave concerns that it would amount to a watered down version, that would do little to truly sever ties with the European Union., and their concerns seem to be for good reason. In fact, as experts have been led to understand, Britain would continue to be held within the European Union’s rules and regulations, well beyond the expected 2019 Brexit date, and the new agreement reportedly would make it to where Britain would not be able leave, without explicit permission from Brussels, which ISN’T LIKELY TO EVER HAPPEN! Combine  that with the fact that the Labour and Tory party members have indicated that they would vote against the government separating from the European Union.

Since the voters overwhelmingly passed Brexit a few short years ago, it is becoming ever-increasingly apparent that pro-Globalist, pro-Socialist, and pro-Communist forces in Britain and the European Union will do anything to stop Brexit. Therefore, they seem to be trying to find a way to follow the ‘will of the voter’, without actually breaking away and exiting from the European Union. As a result, it is doubtful that the new ‘so-called’ Brexit deal between the EU and the UK, will actually accomplish even a fraction of what the British Government and Theresa May promised the voters.