By: Brian Evans

New evidence has arisen in Florida, as a Broward County Deputy revealed that Civil Rights Attorneys have been found to be handing out absentee ballots to inmates, and not even before the election, BUT AFTER THE ELECTION HAD ENDED!

In May of this year, it was revealed that the Supervisor of Elections in Broward County, Brenda Snipes had allowed non-felon inmates who were awaiting trial, to register to vote, and request absentee ballots, while incarcerated. However, due to the security risks of allowing civilians to walk through the jail posed too great of a threat. Still, Democrats were able to get a large number of felons registered, and absentee ballots requested.

The media had already revealed that Meadow Pollack was one of the 17 shooting victims in the Parkland, Florida mass school shooting, when Nikolas Cruz opened fire on students. Meadow’s father, Mr. Pollack was outraged, as he said that Meadow would have turned 18 in October and been eligible to vote, as he saw the man who took her life and her voice in elections, now able to vote.

Mr. Pollack said…

“To allow him to register to vote when my daughter can’t, it’s like sticking a big knife in my heart”

Andrew Pollock, Parkland Florida Shooting Victims Father

Then, last Friday it was revealed that a current Department of Justice employee, who was previously a high-ranking law enforcement officer for Broward County, stated that earlier in the day last Friday at 7:00 in the morning,  he received a call from a deputy in the Broward County jail, who revealed that

“corruption going on inside the jail and that he had never seen anything like it.”

Broward County Jail Deputy

The Deputy went on to explain that on November 8, 2018, which was two days after the end of the Midterm Elections, absentee ballots were delivered to the jail for the inmates and the deputies were told to pass them out, for them to fill out and return.

The Deputy revealed that although they were not personal attorney’s for the inmates, ‘Civil Rights Attorneys’ showed up on Thursday November 8th, and demanded to see the inmates. They then asked the prison authorities if the inmates had received absentee ballots in the mail, and then distributed the ballots to the inmates. Interestingly, Sheriff Scott Israel allowed the attorneys in without having them sign in, so there is no record of the attorneys at the prison facility at all.

The deputy further revealed that the ‘so-called’ Civil Rights Attorneys coached the inmates to say that they had never received their absentee ballots, and then the attorneys claimed that the prisoners were denied their right to vote, and filed grievances with the deputies.

In all, the felon vote in the prison could swing the election by a total of 11,000 votes between the 6000 inmates and almost 5000 non-felons. Non-felon, because they are awaiting sentencing.

Therefore, as time progresses in the 2018 Midterm Election Fraud scandal that is running amuck throughout our nations most left-wing precincts, especially in Florida. The Democrats are proving that they will ultimately DO ANYTHING to re-gain power. They will use any means necessary, dive to the ultimate depths of corruption, as they strive to TEAR DOWN THE CONSTITUTIONAL WALL that protects ‘We the People’ from the commonalities of their movement….AND if they succeed, God save us all, because in today’s world, there will be nowhere ‘free’ that we have left to run to.