By: Brian Evans

Over the past few weeks, Americans have witnessed the massive DNC get-out-the-vote machine, which appears to be more of a manufacture-the-vote machine. They appear to have adopted the new slogan…

If you cannot win the vote, manufacture the vote to win.

It isn’t anything new to authoritarian nations like Venezuela, or even Russia, but it is new to America. Normally, you need an authoritarian dictator to hide fraud, but in today’s Democrat Party, they hide behind the mantra of ‘Fake News’, while chalking it up to calling it conservative ‘Conspiracy Theories’. Regardless, as the Democrats try to deflect the evidence and facts, they have Democrat Election officials that have been embedded in the vote counting process, designed to steal elections, and overturn the ‘will of the people’. It first became apparent in Broward County and Palm Beach Counties in Florida, as they overturned the state’s Agricultural Commissioner’s seat, as well as working towards, the Governorship and Senate seats for Nelson and Gillum this year. Election officials have even signed affidavits, admitting that they have seen workers filling in blank ballots and stuffing the boxes. Even a Palm Beach Elections Observer witnesses infractions, and was then threatened with expulsion for speaking out. Then, the Elections Supervisor accused President Trump and Marco Rubio of “Trying to Disrupt Our Democracy”

Then in Arizona, they have worked to turn over the Senate seat to the Democrat by going against the state constitution, and contacting voters about mis-matched signatures, while Republican leaning districts followed the law. Then in Georgia as they sought to overturn the Governors race to Stacey Abrams, Democrats claimed they found nearly ten thousand votes, nearly all for the Democrat, a whole three days after the election ended. Now in California, as they seek to overturn congressional seats from Republican red, to Democrat blue, they are targeting those election results.

California’s Secretary of State had previously refused to comply with multiple requests for voter data from President Donald Trump’s commission investigating alleged voter fraud early in his Administration. The commission’s vice chairman sent a letter to California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla last year, but they refused to allow the commission to investigate alleged incidents of fraud. In June the commission requested the data for voters in all 50 states if state law allows it to be public. Padilla and officials in other states refused and said the commission is politically motivated. California’s Secretary of State Padilla would not comply, but instead called the commission a “sham.”

Now, on Sunday, California Republicans are the new target, as late votes for Democrats continue to trickle in, drip by drip. Many of the Republican candidates had been winning their races on election nights, but as Democrats in multiple states around the nation find new and unique ways to tip the scales of a democratically elected representation, the scales are tipping back towards the Democrats. Meanwhile, there have been other reports of election fraud in New Mexico, Texas, and Illinois, as America’s biggest threat appears not to be Russian election meddling, but Democrat. In California, several Republicans like Dana Rohrabacher, is the latest victim in the Democrat election fraud machine, as his and other Republicans who had significant leads  in their races, watched those leads fade, and vanish, as Democrats mysteriously FOUND NEW VOTES, DAYS LATER! reported:

Several California Republicans who appeared to have held onto their congressional seats on Election Day saw their leads narrowed — or reversed — as late ballots continued to be counted, almost uniformly helping Democrats.

In the 10th congressional district, Democrat Josh Harder had taken a lead of over 3,000 votes over Republican incumbent Jeff Denham by Saturday evening. Denham led by a slim margin on Election Day.

In the 48th district, incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher saw a small Election Day lead reversed decisively, and the race was called for Democrat challenger Harley Rouda.

In the 39th and 45th districts, Republicans Young Kim and Rep. Mimi Walters narrowly clung to leads that had diminished to just over 2,000 votes in both cases, with many more ballots still to be counted.

And in the 50th district, which the Associated Press called for incumbent Republican Duncan Hunter, Democrat challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar has refused to concede, citing the possibility of late counted ballots giving him a win.

Today, Republicans are watching one of the most corrupt and fraudulent aspects of the ‘Deep State’, as they refuse to allow ‘We the People’ to have a voice in elections. They look at the people as stupid, ignorant, deplorable, hillbilly’s who shouldn’t have a voice in who and how our nation is led. Even the lawyer for the Democrat Party of Florida stated “DESTROYING BALLOTS ISN’T FRAUD”! The conversation involved…

Laura Loomer: Do you think that it’s appropriate for Brenda Snipes to overseeing this given the fact that a judge ruled that she already destroyed ballots in a race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova? I mean, that seems a little unethical for her to be overseeing this?

Leonard Samuels: Of course she should oversee this. She was appointed by a Republican governor Jeb Bush. She’s been reelected several times by the voters of Broward County… There’s been not one iota of fraud. There’s been not one iota of corruption.

Laura Loomer: There has though. A judge ruled she destroyed ballots in the race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova. So how can you say that there’s not any shred of evidence of corruption when she destroyed ballots? If you’re an elections supervisor shouldn’t destroying ballots be an automatic disqualification for overseeing elections.

Leonard Samuels: I don’t qualify that as fraud or corruption.

Laura Loomer: You don’t qualify the destruction of legitimate ballots as fraud or corruption?

Leanard Samuels: It was way, way after the election. Debbie Wasserman Schultz won that election.

Laura Loomer: You don’t not think that is fraud? And you’re a lawyer for the Democrat Party?

He then refused to go any further in the interview…

Therefore, Americans must fight back against the corruption, against the fraud, and defend our nations most sacred of institutions, the right to vote and be heard. After all, the government and all those who work within the institution of government….WORK FOR ‘WE THE PEOPLE’! WE DON’T WORK FOR THEM! The political Elitists would like to believe that the deplorable peasants are not worthy of that kind of power, but UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, IT GIVES US THAT POWER, NOT THEM! Therefore, it is time to DEMAND an end to this nonsense, open investigations into these fraudulent acts by a leadership who fails to understand the Constitution, and all it represents. We must take back the power, whether it be protesting in the streets, demanding our elected officials hold those responsible accountable, and demanding that President Trump institute new and improved safeguards, so this corruption does not occur in the future. Whatever course of action becomes necessary, we cannot sit idly by, and fail to act. Otherwise, it could be one of the last actions we make as a free society.