By: Brian Evans

First, America has watched as rampant election fraud has riddled Broward, and likely Palm Beach counties in Florida. Now, after Stacey Abrams has refused to concede the election, despite Kemp having an almost 67,000 vote lead, and 100% of the vote reported in, Georgia Democrats are looking to get in on the Broward County vote manufacturing action, so they can propel their candidate Stacey Abrams to the top, regardless of the voters.

On Saturday at 5:13pm, the Georgia Democrat Party announced that they had found more votes, despite the fact that all precincts had reported all votes counted and in. Now, the Democrat Party claims that they have found thousands of new votes including absentee ballots, early ballots, and even election day ballots, that they claim will take away Republican Brian Kemp’s numbers, and help propel their candidate, Stacey Abrams to close the gap.

In fact, the Georgia Democrats claim to have miraculously discovered an additional 5,569 votes, and 4,804 were for Stacey Adams, while only 765 were for Kemp. Therefore only 14% of the mysterious ballots were for the Republican, while 86% were for the Democrat! That would have to be from some EXTREMELY LEFT-WING PRECINCTS!

Also, despite the percentages, another HUGE question is, HOW DO YOU JUST HAPPEN TO FIND THOUSANDS OF VOTES, IN MULTIPLE COUNTIES, FOUR DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION ENDS AND THE STATE CERTIFIES THE RESULTS? The answer…Manufacture votes, so you can steal the election. After all, if Broward County can get away with it, can’t everybody!