By: Brian Evans

On Friday November 9, 2018, the Daily Caller discovered that a Google search for the National Federation of Republican Women pulled up the following page…


It appears that Wikipedia’s edit history reveals that the word “women” was replaced by “enablers”. Now, Google is blaming Wikipedia for the disparaging label, but if you go to Wikipedia, it no longer shows it as “enablers”, but instead “women”. Wikipedia shows that the label was changed by someone on October  19th, but it only lasted five hours, before it was changed back. Then, three weeks later, Google’s ‘knowledge panel’, which is apparently NOT KNOWLEDGABLE, but instead BIASED, chose to retain the blatantly sexist label on their google search results.

Sexism is described as prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Now, Google is stereotyping women who don’t fit in with their openly socialist, anti-Conservative, anti-Constitutional ideals. They only want to label sexism as prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against democrat or left wing women, on the basis of sex.

Sadly, the Progressive, Socialist, Communist, or whatever they call themselves for the day, have two standards. They believe opposition to left-wing women is sexist, but not blatant hate and sexism against conservative or pro-Trump women. They believe opposition to left-wing blacks or hispanics is racist, but not hate or racism against conservative or pro-Trump blacks or hispanics. They believe opposition to left-wing gays is discriminatory, but not hate against conservative or pro-Trump gays. They believe opposition to left-wing jews is discriminatory, but not anti-semitic hate against conservative or pro-Trump jews. In addition, they believe opposition to radical muslim hate is discriminatory, but not against , jews and christians and their faith.

The now radicalized left, has attacked Republican women, AND “WHITE WOMEN” expecially, as they have escalated their attacks to not just men, but anyone who opposes their radically socialist and communist agenda. They deem them supportive of patriarchy, and traitors or ENABLERS to the women’s movement.

THEREFORE… men and women, blacks and hispanics, gays and straights, men and women, the old and young, christians and jews, and every other group of people are safe from attack, safe from ridicule, safe from demonization in the now Progressive-Democrat Party… SO LONG AS THEY BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE, THINK WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK, SAY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SAY, AND VOTE WHO THEY WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR! Sound familiar? It is the communist, fascist, and now Progressive way!

Sadly, the Progressive-Socialists have their leadership well embedded in the Democrat Party, in major organizations like the NAACP, AARP, the ACLU, in big business leadership, and in tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and yes Google!

Google has a long record of discrimination and fake and false information on their platform. They were forced to apologize in May, because they listed the California Republican Party’s ideology as…“Nazism”. Also, Google put out a fact check system that proved to be severely inaccurate, and pushed FAKE INFORMATION, while claiming it was FACT!

Thanks to the Daily Caller News Foundation, who caught countless instances of inaccuracies, and blatantly false information that targeted conservatives of all races, genders, and religions, Google was forced to pull their so-called Fact-Check system. Even the left-wing Mainstream Media outlet the New York Times admitted that the system was rampant with inaccuracies like…

Via the New York Times

The headlines are eye-catching. Melania Trump is leaving the White House! Home renovation cable star Joanna Gaines has abandoned her HGTV show and husband Chip Gaines! Televangelist Joel Osteen is leaving his wife!

At the top of PolitiFact’s front page last week, a display ad served by Google promoted a fake news story that said Melania Trump was leaving the White House. It linked to a faked version of Vogue’s site.

None of the stories were true. Yet as recently as late last week, they were being promoted with prominent ads served by Google on PolitiFact and Snopes, fact-checking sites created precisely to dispel such falsehoods.

Therefore, not only did Google’s fact checking prove to be blatantly wrong, but it targeted mostly conservatives. However, as the New York Times pointed out, they were not the only one. PolitiFact and Snopes fact-check sites have been rampant with falsehoods and lies that targeted conservatives.

In the end, Americans cannot rely on biased so-called ‘Fact-Check’ sites. We cannot rely on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or the Mainstream Media. Instead, we must do our research, search for the facts, and make our own judgements. Socialism, communism, and fascism were based in creating a bubble of falsehoods, where the people were told what they could read, who they could talk to, what they could learn, what they could believe, what they could say, and how they could live. AFTER ALL…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and that power is exactly what Progressive-Socialists want ‘We the People’ to be without. They want the power, the wealth, and the control over everyone and everything! That is one of the primary reasons that colleges and universities were the original target of the progressive-left. Now, they can take in future generations, and fill their heads with visions of a communist and socialist utopia, while demonizing our Constitutional Republic, and all the various facets of its beauty. Today, it is up to ‘We the People’, to educate ourselves, not to believe what we are told, or what we hear, but to FACT-CHECK information ourselves, so we can know fact from fiction, lies from reality, and good from evil. Then, we will be able to truly be FREE!