By: Brian Evans

Authorities now have a Broward County, Florida Elections staff member how has now reported that they saw first-hand election fraud. They have signed an affidavit that they personally witnessed the elections staff filling out blank ballots, in an attempt to change the outcome of the 2018 Midterm Floridian election outcome.

Broward and Palm Beach Counties have already changed the outcome of the Florida Agricultural Commissioner’s race, and they now have their eyes set on changing the outcome of the Governor’s race, and Senatorial race.

Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp tweeted…

Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp said that there is now an affidavit, that originated from a Florida campaign worker who states that they saw Broward County Elections staff, who were filling out blank ballots.

Now, that whistleblower was FIRED BY THE ELECTION OFFICIALS, and TOLD NOT TO COME BACK. Meanwhile, the Democrats inside the election office are refusing to allow anyone in, EXCEPT DEMOCRAT ATTORNEYS! They won’t even let in Republican attorneys, or witnesses to examine the goings on inside the building.

The News-Press reported…

Matt Caldwell has followed Gov. Rick Scott’s lead in filing a lawsuit Friday against the Broward County Supervisor of Elections in one of the state’s closest races.

The campaign of the Republican candidate for agricultural commissioner sent a news release Friday afternoon announcing that his attorneys filed a lawsuit in the 17th judicial circuit “asking the court to protect the integrity of all ballots and all public records relating to the election for Commissioner of Agriculture.”

Caldwell thought he had edged out a victory in the agricultural commissioner race Tuesday night when he had about a 40,000 vote lead over Democratic candidate Nikki Fried.

But the latest vote count shows Caldwell losing by 3,120 votes to Fried. The difference between the candidates is .04 percent, signaling an automatic recount, and a likely manual recount.

The Broward County Elections Commissioner, Brenda Snipes has yet again conspired to steal the Florida election. Already, Florida Governor Rick Scott, has filed a lawsuit Thursday evening when corruption became evident. He has demanded that Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes hand over records that include ballots her county still has to tabulate.

The Associated Press was reporting yesterday that during an emergency hearing, a Judge  found that Broward County has violated the state of Florida’s Constitution election laws, and ordered Snipes to allow ballot inspections to begin by 7pm ET on Friday. Both Snipes, and the Palm Beach counties refused to allow anyone in, other than Democrat attorneys, and were even caught loading trucks up again with ballots, and shipping them to locations that are anonymous.

NBC Affiliate out of Miami, Florida reported

Scott’s campaign filed a lawsuit demanding that Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes turn over several records detailing the counting and collection of ballots cast for each day of the past week.

A hearing on the case was held Friday afternoon, where a judge said there was a violation of Florida’s Constitution and public records act. The judge ordered Snipes to allow inspection of the records on or before 7 p.m. Friday.

Also, protesters descended on the Broward County election office Friday morning demanding Brenda Snipes be removed.

The Broward County officials even had GOP Representative Matt Gaetz removed from the outside perimeter, because he was recording the trucks removing ballots, without explanation.

A WPBF reporter, Terri Parker, also reported that Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher says it will be impossible to meet the court ordered deadline to turn over ballots, and is now asking for an emergency reconsideration hearing, as she has refused supervision of the ballot handling.

We should protect Democracy and count every vote, HOWEVER that also means that we SHOULDN’T COUNT ILLEGAL OR FRAUDULENT VOTES. We MUST STOP ELECTION FRAUD, and THIS APPEARS TO BE BLATANT FRAUD!