By: Brian Evans

The Trump Administration has issued its new policy on Thursday that would grant President Trump the power to block asylum claims from those in the migrant caravan, as well as, any illegal alien who crosses the United States border illegally.

The Administrations newly announced policy would kick in any time that the President issues a proclamation that blocks entry of illegal immigrants on the southern border. At any point that he triggers the policy, it grants the government the power to deny asylum claims to the illegal immigrants. However, if the migrants show up at ports-of-entry, as the law allows, would still be permitted asylum.

Therefore, the ultimate goal, and the purpose of the new policy changes, appears to be stopping illegal immigration along the border of the United States, and encouraging would-be asylum seekers to go through the legal channels/ports of entry to the United States. In other words, to enter the United States….FOLLOW UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION AND ASYLUM LAWS!