By: Brian Evans

Throughout the week, United States troops and Border Patrol officers have been busy laying barbed-wire fencing along the Mexico/United States Border. It is an effort to secure the United States border, as the Border Patrol spokesman said that the fencing were “necessary preparations” for the caravans, as they approach.

Currently, there are 900 troops who are at the border, and the military units are heading to outposts that are located along the border from Texas, all the way to California. That number is likely to rise, as the President has said he could send as many as 15,000 troops in all. In addition to the troops, there are already around 2,100 National Guard troops, who are working with the Border Patrol. In fact, the military is being used to secure the border, and then they will be working as a protective unit for the border patrol and national guard.

Currently, the contingent on the border is preparing for a multiple wave of illegals who are barreling towards the US/Mexico border, and the first caravan is about 750 miles away from our nations border. At one point, they were hoping for busses to take them, but that option was stopped, so they are moving slowly on foot. Currently, the caravans consist of around 7.000 illegals, which is down from the massive 15,000 that it once stood at. The primary reason for the decline, happens to be because of families and older individuals who could not continue, due to health, age, or the inability to continue. Also, nearly 3,000 chose to apply for refuge in Mexico and hundreds of others returned home.

A second caravan that consists of between 1,000 and 1,500 people from Central America crossed over into Mexico last week, and are about 1000 miles from the United States border. While the first group consists of primarily Hondurans, it also reportedly has people from Venezuela, Guatemala, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Africa. The second caravan reportedly is mostly Hondurans, Salvadorans and some Guatemalans.

A third caravan consisting of between 1,000 and 1,500 crossed into Mexico on Friday by crossing the Suchiate River.

Reports indicate that all three caravans are meeting up at Mexico City, and will then decide how to proceed towards America. However, at a pace of 30 to 40 miles per day, the first caravan should arrive at the border, just after American’s Thanksgiving holiday. In the meantime, the Military, National Guard, and Border Patrol are assembling barriers and tent cities, in anticipation of their arrival. The protection that they are setting up reportedly includes around 1,000 feet of fencing.

President Trump on Saturday referred to the barbed wire as "beautiful" and said that "barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight."

As the looks to secure the border, despite the Democrats refusal to fund his ‘border wall, he President called the barbed wire “beautiful”, and added that “barbed wire, can be a beautiful sight.” He was referring to the wire being used as a way to prevent the illegals from crossing into the U.S., and in his efforts to safeguard America and Americans, while instituting the ‘rule of law’, as implemented by the Constitution of the United States.

Unfortunately, none of this would be necessary, and the military would not be needed, had the Democrats worked with the President to fund and build the wall, rather than as a ‘resistance’ unit to fight against every proposal that he makes. However, come tomorrow, the American voters will decide, and when they put Republicans in Washington, the wall will be built, and our border will be secure. Until then, the military, temporary barbed wire fencing, and other measures will be necessary to ‘Make America Safe Again’.