By: Brian Evans

Former Navy Seal, and wounded veteran Dan Crenshaw is running as a Republican for Congress in Texas, and Saturday Night Live chose to mock his eye patch, which  he wears due to his wounds that he received as a Navy Seal in the Afghanistan war.

Retired Navy SEAL and wounded veteran Dan Crenshaw is running for Congress in Texas. He was wounded, when his unit was attacked by an IED during a third deployment to Afghanistan. As a result of the attack, Crenshaw lost his right eye.

This past weekend, NBC’s Saturday Night Live chose to stoop to even lower-levels of sick, when their comedians decided to mock Mr. Crenshaw….

Outrage was swift and strong, as Americans were furious about their lack of tact and judgement. Regardless, Dan Crenshaw took the high road, and said…

Ultimately, Dan Crenshaw is a true patriot, American hero, and as many are calling him…A CLASS ACT! Here at Evans News Report, we wish you the best on Tuesday, and regardless of the outcome, we thank you for your service.