By: Brian Evans

Saturday, the Associated Press’ Josh Boak released a news story titled “Trump Stumps In Cities That Don’t Look Much Like US”. He highlights a photo from Missoula, Montana, where President Trump stumped for Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

Trump stumps in cities that don't look that much like US

The Associated Press

Interestingly, instead of simply reporting on the President’s 44 day campaign blitz for Republican candidates, the AP made wild claims about who supports the President. The AP stated that as for President Trump…

“the America he’s (President Trump) glimpsed from the airport arrivals and his armored limousine is hardly a reflection of the nation as a whole. The president has mostly traveled to counties that are whiter, less educated, and have lower incomes than the rest of the United States.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

The article went on to say that the President has rallied in big cities like Tampa, Nashville, Cleveland and Houston when he needed larger arenas that could accommodate the crowds he draws, but they stated that he has mostly avoided big cities, and instead he has been “primarily been jet-setting to smaller places such as Elko, Nevada (population 20,078). Or, Mosinee, Wisconsin (population 4,023). Or, Belgrade, Montana (population 7,874)”, as if his jet-setting is more of a leisure tour to visit his un-educated, white, poor followers.

Interestingly, regardless of their repulsive and offensive insinuations, the President does appeal to the lower-income Americans, because of his actions taken as President of the United States, which have led to the robust economy, more money in Americans pockets, and the unprecedented unemployment levels. As a result, it has led American consumer confidence to hit record highs, as the American economy grew by more than 4% in the second quarter, and is on track to grow by an astounding 3.4% or likely even 4% again in the third quarter. Those numbers have not been seen since before 2005. Top that with the fact that the stock market has gone up more than 40% since President Trump was sworn in as President in 2016, and it helps the poor, non-college educated class the most. In fact, President Trump’s policies have led once again to a growing middle class with on-average $2,500 more in the pockets of the poor and middle classes. Also, it has led to a shrinking lower class, and growing savings, as he has created an economy that has put more money back in the pockets of lower-income Americans. It has also led to the American GDP to debt ratio to fall, and now, the President is even proposing another massive tax cut for Middle Class families.

Also, President Trump’s tax cuts, reduced regulations, trade deals, and economic policies have proven to be the defining principles that are largely responsible for the incredible unemployment rates, rocketing markets, and increased standard of living for the average American. Furthermore, in recent months, Americans have witnessed, and have begun to believe in President Trump’s policies, and the GOP leadership, as polling has shown a major shift from Democrat blue to Republican red. For example, a recent Gallup survey found that the GOP’s favorability rating has risen 9 percentage points, to 45% under President Trump’s leadership, which is the highest rating that they have had since 2011. Also, President Trump’s approval has hit highs of 51% at times, but most recently rested at 50% this past week.

Also, the Associated Press touted that the President targets areas with fewer college degrees. Once again, they are correct in the analysis that not only the poor are targeted by his campaign for support, but also the non-college educated as well. That is for good reason, because those who have gone to American colleges and universities, have been spoon-fed the socialist and communist ideals and propaganda of the progressive-left.

The AP points out that…

“Just 18.1 percent of the adults in Elko County, Nevada hold a college degree. That’s compared to 30.3 percent nationwide. Of the 43 places Trump is visiting, 28 have a below-average share of college graduates. Elko’s economy is unique because it relies on mining gold, instead of the office and health care jobs that often require a college diploma. The county has five active gold mines, according to the Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources. This makes it something of an outlier in country where mining metal ore accounts for 0.03 percent of all jobs.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

However, the AP only further exemplifies how out-of-touch the Mainstream Media, and Progressive-Democrat left has deviated from the basic American ideals that are embraced by our ‘Pledge of Allegiance’. They forget that we are….

‘One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty, And Justice For All”.

American Pledge of Allegiance

Yes… small towns and cities only account for the majority of the United States in land percentages. However, they make up a large percentage of America’s citizenry, and a large percentage of the vote. Regardless, big city leaders, political elitists, and even tech giants in silicone valley, have expressed their disdain and utter hatred for what they asserted in 2017, when they stated the following about rural America…

“no educated person wants to live in a s***hole with stupid people.”

Silicone Valley Executives

Hollywood is no different, when actor Tarran Killam said

“Rural = Stupid”

Tarran Killam, Hollywood Actor

Then, after a backlash, he corrected his comment to read…

Also, Democrat Progressive Elitists like Hillary Clinton have called the President’s rural supporters…


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former Obama Secretary of State, and 2016 Presidential Candidate

Even the Mainstream Media has attacked rural Americans. For example MSNBC’s Joy Reid said the following of rural Americans…

Mainstream Media outlets then try to explain away President Trump’s popularity by ridiculously claiming that

“Trump thrives in areas that lack traditional news outlets”


However, the Mainstream Media, Elitists Hollywood socialites, and the Progressive-Socialist Democrats just don’t get it! It isn’t the smaller rural towns and cities that are being “stupid”, or “deplorable”, or a threat do democracy, but instead it shows the arrogance and ignorance of the ‘uppity elitists’ who try to impose their power over the American people, while enriching themselves on the backs of ‘We the People’. They don’t understand the fact that it isn’t about ‘rural folk’ having a lack of access to news outlets. Actually, it is quite the opposite. In fact, it is about their access to vast amounts of information at their fingertips, so they no longer have to rely on a cherry picked, biased, left-wing, progressively biased mainstream media news feeds to access the news. Now, they can access the truth, and can think for themselves. Quite literally showing their ability to use their minds, even more than the brain washed progressive followers, who heed their every word, regardless of facts or evidence. They blindly vote for Democrats, simply because they put Party over Country, unlike the anti-progressives who put God, principle, family, nation, and community over Party!

Also, the non-college educated rural Americans have not been inundated through their youth with anti-American propaganda, pro-abortion political stances, anti-conservative, and pro-socialist, pro-communist doctrine. Instead, they are presented with all sides, all information, and are allowed to let their own mind process that information, and make decisions, based on facts, not on distortions.

Besides, what is so wrong with living in rural communities, towns, and cities? It affords people the opportunity to own land, open spaces, jobs, a low cost-of-living that provides a nice home, food, water, and a great place to raise children. Their communities are safer than cities, and have safe and good schools.

Under the Obama Administration, rural communities were under attack by the Progressive-left. They stripped land owners of their property, sought to take guns away from farmers and hunters, as well as those who simply wanted to have the ability to defend their families. The Progressives took jobs from oil workers, coal miners, and other industries, while at the same time, implementing massive regulations on electric companies that skyrocketed rural Americans energy costs. As far as education, they tried to force schools to let boys into girls bathrooms, girls into boys bathrooms, and dumb down educational standards, while removing history and political science from elementary schools. It left future American generations more pliable for the globalist, socialist, and communist ideology. The Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer brought about one of the largest takeover’s of the American economy, as they socialized medicine, which kicked millions off of their insurance plans, and forced them to not only buy insurance or be fined, but the insurance many times cost rural Americans 5-10 times more than what they were paying previously,  and forced millions onto the Medicaid, food stamp, and welfare rolls. A prospect that rural, and especially rural christians detested.

Now, fast forward to 2016, and if you look at President Trumps record, he has lowered unemployment to the lowest levels in over 50 years. Unemployment for blacks, hispanics, women and men, is at record shattering lows. The economy has hit record after record, as Americans have had on average, more than $2,500 per family in  additional disposable income on hand. Consequently, Americans savings have been going up, debt is going down, and all while American GDP to debt ration is falling. Now, the President is even proposing another massive tax cut for Middle Class families. The President is returning Insurance to a competitive and cheaper plan that can be tailored to what each American and American family needs, not what they do not. He has returned jobs to manufacturing, coal, oil, and nearly every sector of the economy, which has greatly benefited the rural families and communities. Furthermore, he has promoted national security with North Korea, China, Iran, and other nations around the globe. He has fought to secure the border, and rid our nation of the ruthless MS-13 gangs, and given unwavering support to our military, border patrol, and police.

The AP went on to attack the President’s support of rural communities when they said that the only reason that the President campaigns and has rallies in the more educated counties is because he needs a larger venue to host his rural supporters. They stated…

“When Trump has gone to more educated counties, it’s often because they have a major college campus and venues where people can gather. Missoula is home to the University of Montana and 41.8 percent of its adults are college graduates. The University of Missouri is in Columbia, where 46.8 percent of adults hold college degrees.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

Then, the Associated Press began attacking the President, as they said he has…

“generally been in communities that are overwhelmingly white. The U.S. population is 73.3 percent white, but almost three-fourths of the places where the president has stumped for midterms are above that average.”

Josh Boak, Associated Press

Then, they attacked the President for his ‘border security’ initiatives, as his Administration has worked to rid American communities of the ruthless MS-13 gang members, end sanctuary cities, and return our nation to a country of ‘law and order’.

The Progressive-left and globalists can try to paint the President as a racist and white supremacist, but not only are white Americans not buying it, but black Americans are not either. In fact, the overall approval rating of the President hit 50% this week, with major help from hispanic voter approval, which has increased by 10% from 2016, and black voter approval, which has hit a record high of 40%. Combine those, and you have a recipe for disaster, as the Democrat Party has always depended on black support. In fact, to win national elections, Democrats really need 85% support of black Americans.

black voter approval.jpg

Now, as the AP, Hollywood, Democrats, Mainstream Media, and other Progressive-socialist, globalist, and communist ideologues continue to tout President Trump’s support for the rural cities, towns, and neighborhoods, as pandering to the un-educated, ignorant, deplorable, and red-neck hillbillies, they are only showing their disdain for ‘We the People’. We are not a nation of cities, but a melting pot of people whose bedrock foundation was established on the backs of rural farming, oil drilling, coal mining, steel and manufacturing, various other blue-collar industries, and christian principles.

Somewhere along our nations path to prosperity, the Democrats and their elitist media and hollywood friends have forgotten where we came from, who we are, and what is truly important to the people of our great nation. Never-the-less, they will continue to witness a nation of people whose values are rooted in a deeply rich history that does not stem from tall buildings, towering skyscrapers, giant tech companies, Washington D.C. elitist parties, or glamorous Hollywood streets, but from the foundation of America. After all, America was founded on farming and christian values. It grew and flourished because of not only our nations democratic and constitutional principles,  but because of the hard-working rural Americans who toiled tirelessly to make america great, for not only themselves, but for their families, communities, and God. Unfortunately, the Progressive-left Democrats, the Mainstream Media, and Hollywood have lost sight of what made America great, and strive to replace it with socialist and communist ideology.

Now, as our nation has a President who lived the American dream, knows where we came from, and fights to return our nation to its former glory by ‘Making America Great Again, the poor, the middle class, and the working class rural Americans are lining up in the thousands, through pouring rain, and through the cold nights at his rallies to support his agenda, and a man who FINALLY STANDS UP FOR THEM!  In fact, in a bit of irony, the non-college educated poor and middle class masses, are incredibly the geniuses in America. Not because they have some fancy degree. Not because they have jobs that rake in millions, hundred of thousands, or even a small fortune. Instead, they are geniuses, because they don’t believe the Mainstream Media, Democrats, or Hollywood Elitists, simply because they are told to do so. Instead, they are the geniuses, because they have learned how to educate themselves in our nations history, our culture, our constitutional freedoms, and who to believe in, and who not to trust. After all, that is why Fascism, Communism, and now Progressivism seeks to eliminate history, or dumb it down in schools. Now, as not only rural whites learn about the half-truths and deceptions of the Progressive-left,  black and hispanic Americans are also learning about the true history of our nation, and how the Democrat Party, was the party of the KKK and anti-Civil Rights, and the party against women.

Consequently, as President Trump fights to return our nation to true-American values by ‘Making America Great Again’, he is fighting for the forgotten men and women of all races, creeds, and faiths. He is fighting for not only the rich, but the middle class and poor.  He is fighting for those in all our nations states, cities, towns, communities, and neighborhoods, in his fight to ‘Make America Safe Again’. Therefore, in the end, President Trump is fighting the fight for ‘We the People’, from coast to coast, border to border, from north to south, and east to west. He is fighting for Americans in the cities, and rural towns across the nation. He is fighting for the wealthy, and the poor, not  because he has to, and not because he is told to, but instead he does it in order to do what is right for our nation, our people, our communities, and for God.