By: Brian Evans

This week, twelve Honduran illegal aliens filed a class action lawsuit, in Washington’s U.S. District Court that alleges that President Trump has violated their Constitutional Rights, and asks the court to declare President Trump’s policies to secure the border unconstitutional.

The suit declares that some are not aware of the “well-documented human rights crisis” in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and they say they have been denied access to the Administrative Procedure Act and the Declaratory Judgement Act, regardless of the fact that they have not even reached the border of the United States.

The plaintiffs in the suit claim that the President has been using “fear and hysteria” tactics, to affect public opinion, and specifically pointed to the violent MS-13 gang members and other criminal elements within their caravan, which is an incredible understatement, considering the facts.

For example, Mexican authorities have released warnings about the second of four caravans who are headed towards the United States. According to the Mexican government, the second caravan has already launched molotov cocktails at authorities near the Guatemalan / Mexican border, prompting them to release a warning. The authorities warned of individuals within the caravan who were building molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices, designed to be used against federal police officers who were assigned to guard the border.

When arriving at the border, the group violently clashed with the Mexican police, as they threw rocks, and tore down the fencing.  In the end, a total of ten police officers sustained various injuries and one Honduran national was killed.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government offered the first of four caravans, the opportunity to receive temporary employment, and state-funded healthcare and education, if they followed immigration law. Regardless, the illegal migrants turned down the offer,  and said they were continuing on to the United States. However, 422 of the migrants requested assistance from the Mexican government to help them return home.

Then, the Mexican authorities reported Tuesday that the illegal alien caravan traveling across Chiapas in Southern Mexico opened fire on the Mexican Federal Police.  The Police have been implementing “Operativo Caminante”, or “Operation Walker” to escort the illegals safe passage across Mexico. Mexico’s Interior Secretariat revealed that two men identified only as 22-year-old “Jerson” and 17-year-old “Carlos” saw the police officers who were guarding the caravan, and began firing at the police. Fortunately, the attackers guns jammed, therefore giving the authorities time to apprehend them without incident.

In the end, the Mexican Police were fortunate, as the police were able to walk away without injury due to the illegal aliens guns jamming. Also, the authorities apprehended a .380 caliber Glock, which had nine rounds in the magazine.

Also, another migrant confessed to a reporter that he had been convicted of attempted murder, but figured he could try to obtain a pardon in the U.S. Also, there has been child kidnappings and reports of child-sex trafficking as well.

Now, as the caravan of illegals marches towards the United States, it poses some serious threats to not only American sovereignty, but it threatens Americans financial well-being and safety. President trump has vowed to protect Americans and secure the border, and despite being ‘resisted’ by the radically left-leaning democrats, and RINOS in Washington, he continues to forge ahead. Ironically, the tone by the democrats on the immigration issue, and the talk of the illegal-alien caravan has been silent in the final days leading up to the mid-terms. Likely because Americans want our government to perform one of the most basic functions that our Founding Fathers envisioned…national sovereignty by protecting our nations borders, and to protect and provide safety for ALL AMERICANS! Now, since the Democrats have blocked the Presidents ability to fully construct a border wall, and as the illegals approach our nations back door, President Trump has deployed 5,200 American soldiers, and has indicated that he will send, as many as, 15,000 troops, as he looks to secure the border, and protect ‘We the People’ of these United States of America.

The Daily Caller reported that Vice President Mike Pence has said that the President of Honduras told him Venezuela was funding the caravan phenomenon. Pence has also expressed his conviction that Middle Easterners are also part of the migrant force, an allegation Trump has echoed.

Regardless of the attacks from the left, lawsuits from non-Americans in other nations, and the globalists fighting to end American sovereignty, President Trump is continuing to make America Safe Again, and fights for our Constitution, and the American people. He is ending chain migration, the visa lottery, and ‘birthright’ citizenship, which was never intended to include illegal-aliens, foreign nationals, or foreigners. Therefore, he is setting up shelters to house illegals, until they can be deported back to their country. He is fighting to have a wall built, so we can end this charade with caravans, violent MS-13 gang members, drug traffickers, violent criminals, and others who refuse to respect America’s constitution and laws. In a nutshell, not only is the President ‘Making America Great Again’, but he is Making America Safe Again’, by putting America and Americans First!