By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday, Montana Libertarian  Rick Breckenridge announced that he was withdrawing from the Montana Senate race. Then, he made the decision to announce that he was throwing his support behind Republican Matt Rosendale, due to the fact that Democrat John Tester for playing dirty politics, and he said lying to the Montana voters about Rosendale.

Real Clear Politics reported:

The Libertarian candidate in Montana’s U.S. Senate race threw his support behind Republican Matt Rosendale on Wednesday in response to an election mailer from an unknown group that appeared aimed at undermining Rosendale’s support among conservatives.

Rosendale, Montana’s state auditor and insurance commissioner, is in a tight race against two-term Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, with the balance of power in the closely divided Senate potentially at play.

Libertarian Rick Breckenridge has virtually no chance of winning. But his participation has threatened to peel away votes that might otherwise go toward the Republican and boost Tester’s chances next week.

The mailer comes two days before President Donald Trump plans to hold a campaign rally in Bozeman supporting Rosendale — the president’s fourth visit to the state and an indication of how much the White House wants to unseat Tester. Trump has blamed the Democrat for derailing the nomination of his first choice to head the Veterans Affairs department.

Breckenridge wasn’t only upset with the lies about Rosendale, but he was also upset about the fact that Jon Tester had aided the left-wing Mainstream Media launch a smear campaign against President Trump’s VA nominee, Admiral Ronny Jackson earlier this year. In fact, Tester said that Admiral Jackson was repeatedly drunk while on duty as the President’s main physician, regardless of the fact that he had received the highest praise from both former Presidents Bush and Obama. In addition, Democrat Jon Tester also informed CNN that Jackson was known as the candy man, because Tester said that Jackson would hand out drugs to passengers to “put them to sleep and then give them the drugs to wake them back up again.”

Testers lies ended up leading to Admiral Ronnie Jackson’s resignation, regardless of the lack of evidence, or corroboration.

In addition, Breckenridge said that he wanted to push back against “dark money” in politics, and his support for Rosendale also has to do with his frustration with Tester’s use of “dark money” in the election.

Now, as Rosendale is only 4.2% down in the polls, not only Rick Breckenridge’s withdrawal from the race is huge, but his endorsing and throwing his support for Rosendale is monumental in the overall election. As a result, it should shift votes that would be siphoned off in the election from Rosendale, and could likely change the outcome of the election, especially since it is so close.