By: Brian Evans

Most Americans already know about the illegal alien caravan heading to the United States, but many don’t realize that there are now four caravans that are beginning the trek northward, in their hope of illegally breaching the United States border, and having a chance to stay in America. It was originally aired on Lou Dobbs Tonight with Fox Business, and the Gateway Pundit via twitter…

The first caravan is currently working through Mexico, and has recently passed through Niltepec, Mexico on Monday. Three other illegal alien caravans include two from Guatemala, one from El Salvador, and one from Honduras. There have been multiple reports of radical muslims strewn through the caravans, along with the brutal MS-13 gang members, child traffickers, drugs, and a multitude of other serious problems.

However, most of the illegals heading toward the United States could not make the trek on their own. Therefore, they are being provided food, water, shoes, clothing, and now it appears transportation via buses. Leftist groups have brought busses to help the illegals get to the United States border easier. Fox News Griff Jenkins reported on the new development on Americas Newsroom…

FOX News reporter Griff Jenkins is traveling with one of the illegal immigrant caravans heading to the United States, and he shows how the caravan organizers are seen loading illegal immigrants on buses to take them to their next stop on their way to the United States.

Ultimately, Open borders proponents will do anything to defy the not only the President, but they will do anything to subvert American law, justice, and try to end American sovereignty.